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The lost shocken boy

with tears in his eyes

he looked up to the sky

with the bright look in his eyes


A whisper and a smile

He said Thank you god

for giving me Freddy


The day came for Freddy

to leave this world, and he

knew exactly what to do…


he looked up to the sky and said god

Take care of Freddy won’t you?


I hope to find

my long lost friend

out in the distance

out of the land


hoping it will fly back to me

once more

I hear a sound of the bird

I longed for

sitting on the branch looking

down at me

I say come here freddy

come back to me

as he looks twice

he comes for the land

he comes right back to me

into my hand.

My Theme for English B (Rewritten in my own words.)

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The instructor said,
Go home and write
a page tonight.
And let that page come out of you—
Then, it will be true.

I went home and thought about the questions.
Who am I?
Where do I come from?
How do I see myself?
How do others see me?
And how do I want others to see me?

Who am I?
I am the whisper in the wind.
The rainbow in the sky.
The laughter of a baby.
The shush in a lullaby.

Where do I come from?
I come from a world,
Filled with dreams and hope.
Happiness and sorrow.
And sadness?

How do I see myself?
I look in the mirror.
What do I see?
I see all secrets and sorrow,
And the things I could be.

How do others see me?
People look on the outside,
And not within.
They see looks and beauty.
What about my personality?

How do I want others to see me?
I’ll never be what people want me to be.
I want acceptance and freedom.
Like the sea.
But people try to transform me,
Into the person they want.
I have news for them.
I’ll never be her.

My Theme English B.