The Reason I Bleed

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Broken hearts once molded together
Never to separate under any weather
Sown together by love and compassion
But now betrayal is there latest fashion

Two shattered hearts made whole
Two black voids made full
Because once broken a heart can never be put together
With out another heart just as broken

Once two hearts make a whole
They cannot live without another
For with ……

The Things I Never Had

The Things I Never Had 4.75/5 (95.00%) 4 votes

The things I relearn, relearn
and relearn again
The lessons I could never
get in my head
come round every
so many years
hoping my brain
finally hears

For my mind is filled
with dreams and visions,
deep profound thoughts,
and spiritual inspirations
So many messages
on my blue wings
toss practical thoughts
and mundane things

The technical mechanics
the boggling unrest
the business as usual
the mainstream of life
I fear that I’ll ……

Take the Bullets Away

Take the Bullets Away 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Sadness in those brown eyes

Brimming tears run down her cheeks

Stain another page

Clinging on another disappointment

She can’t let it go.

Feels to much like home

No one there to pull her out

No one to care


Sole Dancer

Sole Dancer 4.00/5 (80.00%) 8 votes

I escape from myself to hide into you
I long for the freedom behind your bars
I cry for the tears of your sweet laughter
I steal beyond your generous giving
With every forgiveness I seek guiltiness
For every pain there must be a relief
When tranquility accompanies fear
Each sunrise shall be the end of a dream

For the time being ……

Be Still Tonight

Be Still Tonight 3.33/5 (66.67%) 3 votes

Be still tonight oh my soul.
This night i say!
For i know this too will pass
Even if it tarries but a while.

Be still tonight oh my soul
This night i plead!
For darkness lasts only for a while
By break of dawn I shall smile

Be still tonight oh my soul
For this night i shall rest!
Till the moon fades ……

Untitled by Amity

Untitled by Amity 3.00/5 (60.00%) 2 votes

My heart is heavy
My mind is busy
My head is pounding hard
All because I worry about what tomorrow may or my not be.

I toil hard under the sun
 All because I worry about what tomorrow may or may not be.

I found me friends
I lost me friends
I made few more
I lost a handful more
All because I worry about what ……

A Beginning

A Beginning 3.50/5 (70.00%) 4 votes

There’s only one
lady in my life
she could be the one
to be my future wife

It’s so far away
yet What i feel ~
can’t be swayed
I love her with all my zeal

She’s in my heart
even when we’re apart
This is the start
something real, a work of art

I Know

I Know 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

You say that you are broken and lost?
You say that you have nothing left in cost?
You say that no one understands you?
That no one can comprehend your view?
Well, listen to me if you will please,
A moment that might put you at ease.
With pain and despair that burns inside
Living each day with a sighed,
I truly ……


Misfortune 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

What’s the fate of you and I?

Of him

Or her

Don’t you ever wonder?

Wonder what it’s like to be this person or that person.

Wonder why they act the way they do?

Wonder about their whole life?

I wonder…

What’s the fate of every single person on this planet?

What can be said about these people…

Why so many of them don’t ……

A Waltz in Recovery

A Waltz in Recovery 4.80/5 (96.00%) 5 votes

Dance with the devil

Play with the flame

Feelings can’t touch you

When it’s only a game.


Let’s flirt with danger

Just to tempt fate

Forget the future

Caution can wait.


Avoid your demons

Run from the past

Smile at destruction

Die young, live fast.


Your mind is a prison

The key made of ice

You pray for escape

And then pay the price.


Misery caught you

Lonesome, you cry

Reality sets ……

Untitled by Herofil Olarte

Untitled by Herofil Olarte 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Like lily on a steady water

Underneath the shadowy tree

No sunshine and feeling so lonely

Butterflies, Dragonflies whatever

Oh dear, whispering sweetly

And tickles me temporarily

But sad to say the truth is

They came but no one stays

Perhaps I will grow old here

And perish someday

But I won’t forget to remember

You once came

To cherish my darkest day!

Only with Time

Only with Time 3.33/5 (66.67%) 3 votes

It’s was time for me to end this

It was time for me to find peace

I wasn’t gonna find it with you
So I let myself lose you
All the drama
All the pain
It’s doubt anything
It’s not the same
I am happy
In a better place
Lots of green.
Lots of grey .
Shatter my heart
It’s empty inside
It was left in pieces
It’s was ……

Pairs of One

Pairs of One 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

Think how all things
Come in pairs of two
There’s male and female
There’s sadness and happiness
For every pain there’s a cure
For every impure there’s a pure
All things come in pairs of two
Just like for me there’s only you

A sun during the day turns to night’s moon
As your face shines my day like sun at noon
The ……

Heaven and Above

Heaven and Above 3.80/5 (76.00%) 5 votes

Imagine where the clouds lie

up above the distant sky

heaven where my heart lies,

who will we see when we die?


Imagine what’s behind those clouds,

from up above and all around,

Heaven where my heart lies,

Who will we see when we die?


A light to be found,

So curious but ……

My Lost World

My Lost World 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

The leaves on the trees,
Haven’t changed since yesterday.
Walking through a path of snow lying at my feet,
feels like I’ve been buried all along.
Swimming through the river,
Almost drowning,
I gasp for air.
Looking at my life ashamed as I am,
Walking towards a long empty road,
With my shadow down upon me.
Thank you drugs,
You took over my life,
You destroyed ……