Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

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There’s a friendship that dwells deep down in the heart,
that’s as gentle and pure as a dove.
It’s a friendship that most people dream about,
one that’s filled with unconditional love.

I know you have days filled with doubts and fears,
about the future and its stories untold.
I want you to know that I’ll always be near,
for you to talk to, or lean on, or hold.

When those moments in life seem to much to bear
and that road you’re on has no end.
Close your eyes, breathe in deep and remember,
there’s someone who loves you and is a true friend.

I can’t keep you from tripping or stumbling,
but grasp my hand so that you don’t fall.
Together we can search for the answers,
whether the heartache be a pebble or wall.

Hold the comforting thought at the end of each day,
that just like God up above.
I’ll never abandon or leave you,
because with you it’s unconditional love.

Frozen Creek

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I am listening…

Every poem you posted I am wondering

Like a melody made in frozen creek

Breathtaking and as cold as you speak


Forgive my intrusion

My heart is still having illusions

To kiss and see you is not my intention

Our friendship is unique in this dimension


I wish we could start anew

To know each other more

Even though you ignore

My wishes always be yours


Frozen creek

At a Distance I am There

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At a Distance I am There.
Even though Love is blind, but a true friendship never fails to see
when each other is in a bind.
At a Distance I am There.
When the tears come running down your face,
I am there always to take my place.
At a Distance I am There.
Remember the time as we walked and I looked in your eyes,
You could hold the sadness under that disguise.
At a Distance I am There.
Even at the time when you are having a big strife,
Remember as Jesus said, “A true friend will lay down his/her Life.”
At a Distance I am There.


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As I catch your eyes start to gaze,
My feelings will start to amaze.
The friendliness they brought to me,
It seemed like they were calm as the morning sea.
I want to think that friendship is for real for His Sake,
I could see the bond that we started to make.
As the friend we are starting to possess,
I know He brought us together to make success.
This is why I call you, AMAZING EYES,
Because they are as beautiful as the day skies.

Friendship and a friend

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As we journey through this life
You will find me by your side
Lightning and storm may strike
This bond will not break overnight

I may not be always be seen
Just like the stars in the heaven
Unseen during the day
Knowing it’s there all the time

I will never leave you
Though distance does us part
We will always never depart
In each others heart

Love and friendship
Forever will be yours
Until the very end
My dearest friend

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