I’m Not Sorry!

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Im sorry I failed you, if thats what I did.

Im sorry I wasn’t good enough to help you.

Im sorry your problems beat my own.

Im sorry I have a temper.

Im sorry I’m a human being, with feelings of my own.

If you can’t accept my apology, I won’t bother with you anymore.

You left me alone, brokenhearted, staring at your retreating figure.

I’m lonely without you, yet I’m relieved.

Relieved to ease some of the burden on my shoulder.

I have suicidal thoughts.

Yes, because of you I think of committing suicide.

Because of you, I’m more depressed than not.

Because of you, my own friends pity me.

Because of you, I have a therapist, because my life is a living hell.

I thank you for the pain you put me through.

It’s made me stronger, less gullible to your lies.

I can’t believe that you had the nerve to lie to me, after all this time.

It hurts me to admit, that I’ll most likely forgive you by the end of the day.

But it’s true, I can’t fully hate you.

Yes, there are moments, but not all the time.

You don’t know any of this, and I doubt you’d care.

You know what? I’m not sorry.

But honestly? I miss you.

But I’m NEVER coming back to you, you heartbreaker.

And that is all you need to know.


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People make mistakes
And I know
But what I do
It’s just for show
The messes I have
I know who to blame
The only one
Who controls my ways
I don’t do much
But when I do
It always ends
With an argument
Between me and you
I say Im sorry
All the time
But never really change
So here I am again
Saying I want to change my ways
I want us to be more
Than what we are now
So I know what to do
To change it around
I love you
And I want you to know
No matter what happens
And that’s for sure

Apologies Mean Nothing

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Apologies mean nothing because I mean nothing to you
your friendship was fake, we’re so thru
I hate you for believing the lies
I hate that you never take my side
you don’t ask how I feel
you say I’m not real
but you hate me for telling the truth…
I have no reason to lie, I have nothing to prove
so climb down from that high horse you rode in on
and don’t you dare tell me to be calm
sweep your own porch before judging mine
thanks so much for wasting my time