A Stupid Mistake

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I made a dumb mistake.

I wish it didn’t.

I said yes, when I should have run.

Please don’t be mad.

Two of my friends each told me yes and no.

Im sorry.

I’ll say it 1 million times!

Don’t be angry.

I felt so dumb.

I needed a break.

But that just cost me you?

Oh please say that it didn’t!

I know this is a sucky poem,

But it’s really more of a plea.

Im sorry.

Broken Promise

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You said “Put the knife down!”
And so I did but you bounded yourself
And said “I won’t ever leave, I promise
Now it’s a year later
You’re walking away and say
It’s over, Im done!”
So after you left
I sent you a text saying
never make a promise you can’t keep
You come running back now
But only to witness my death
You run over and hold me
As I say “You promised
Now I lay dead
With a knife in my heart
You scream “No! I take it all back
But Im sorry my love
You’re just too late
You can’t take it back
You broke your promise
And since you had lied
I had to die
Now you whisper in my ear
I love you
Which is a waste since
Im in heaven now
It’s so nice and peaceful
That I hope you burn in hell
For the pain you caused
And of course for
Your broken promise

Requiem the Mediator

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Don’t you…
… Know that
The feelings made have a
Way of manifesting
In our…
… Silence
Your violence kills all the
Problems in my chest
Won’t you…
… Describe me
Paint a picture, my
Favourite colour is green
Like my heart…
… Rotten
Forgotten like all our
Memories, for the best

Have you…
… Tried it
A life without a
Needle in your side
… Quickly
You’re so far gone but you
Don’t know when to quit
Would you…
… Be there
When I crumble
Into the darkness
Lights out…
… Right now
You’re just like a flame
And I’m a moth
You got me…
… Im sorry
You had to put up
With all this

How not to lie

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How not to lie, how not to lie
If I cannot divine what’s happening ahead
Can I still embrace you

How not to lie, how not to lie
If I cherish this heart of gold but I already know there’s a void
Can I still tell you I miss you

How not to lie, how not to lie
If I was too young to perceive we were not meant to be
Can I still try to be with you

How not to lie, how not to lie
If I tried my best but still failed to be the one
Can I still be your friend

How not to lie, how not to lie
If when you finally walk up to me you’re already changed
Can I say I’m sorry you’re no longer the one

How not to lie, how not to lie
If I tried to get along
but miscommunication accumulates
day by day
Can I simply cut the knot

How not to lie, how not to lie
If I thought it was love but it’s merely possession
Can you please set me free

How not to lie, how not to lie
If being with you is torturing
Can you still believe we can care about each other from afar

Please tell me, how not to lie
If we had been true to each other when we were together
Can you be grateful that we have loved and there was never a lie?

Caught by Haze

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Eight years have passed and I’ve spent them with you
But days have gone by since you changed who you are
You’re smiling for nothing. It’s all just a game
You wouldn’t ever be the same

What happened to harmony, melody, structure?
Where has the girl that I used to know, gone?
You’ll feel abandoned but I’ll feel ashamed
You wouldn’t ever be the same

Somehow I think at night of possibilities
That you’ll remember what we should have been
We went off the rails and crashed like a train
You wouldn’t ever be the same

I should be sorry for feeling so adequate
When it was obvious I was improper
You deserved better and I deserved pain
I couldn’t ever be the same