How do I know It is love?

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Temperature rising, Hands caressing

The true love we share is truly a blessing!

The trust we have & what we share

Deep down I know, you really care.

I can say, I truly adore


I can say, I need no more.

With you no pain can come my way &

With you, the brighter is my day!

How do I know It Is love?

God sent it directly from above!

How do I know it is love

Love like your losing him

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Love like your losing him the very next day.

If he says goodbye, don’t say your okay.

Don’t pretend your fine, don’t say your great,

I can see that your eyes are filled with hate.

Just take your time, and don’t be afraid to cry.

I promise I’ll help you, or at least I’ll try….

Love like your losing him

A Thousand Kiss in a Thousand Rose

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Winds bring clouds over my skies
Dust gets disturbing into my eyes
Hit by rain drops turning into dirt
Annoying me throughout reaching my skin
Remembering me of someone I’ve might hurt
Time is running out as sun’s light starts to dim

In the garden of misery I wake
Trapped within rain’s cascade
Sighing pain for my heartache
It’s thundering and I’m not afraid
Walking tall through the storm
Won’t surrender till you conform

I’ll send you a thousand kiss
Carefully wrapped in a thousand rose
Filled with love, and full wishes of bliss
A smell of love, a sense of tranquility and repose.
Roses that have been living on my tears
Kisses I was hiding beneath my fears

Kiss in Rose
Now the wind is taking them all
Storm of guiltiness shall fade away
The sacrifice I made will never fall
Before I find my path to decay
Now I can clearly see with no dust
There’s nothing stronger than my lust

I, I’ve been waiting for someone like you
Forgive me for what I’ve done
Can’t find a reason, but I did it for you
Yesterday has already been gone
Resentful about what it held of sorrow
Welcoming a brand new day called tomorrow

Take a look at me deep inside
Can you still see the heart of me
Or it’s in the mirror by your side
I’m being someone who’s not me
All I need as the curse tells
Lies hidden in what most I fear
Break the mirror you looked inside
Release me beyond the spell
Give me something to set me free
Make my heart hold you with embrace

Saltify me in veins’ running blood
Purify me from the sins I’ve done
Try to walk in my shoes
Step into my world
See through my eyes
Spit out my words
Not that hard to chose
What’s true from lies

Someday the world will vanish
I won’t feel sorry ’cause what will remain
A legacy of a tale rising the world to replenish
Shall stand against a bloody stormy hurricane
Where it’s the fairytale of me loving you
And a thousand kiss in a thousand rose

You’ll Always Have My Heart

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I love you more than words can explain.
Every day I wake up, all I feel is pain
I hear our song, and it just makes me cry.
I can’t get rid of this, and want to know why.
I gave you my heart, it won’t go away.
I loved you then, and I still love you today.
I think about us, and the way that its been.

I know it is my fault
I know its my fault, I just want it to end.
They ask me if this love, is the one that is true.
I tell them I think so, I will always love you.
I want to be together with you til the end.
I feel I have lost, a lot more than a friend.
So I wanted to tell you, with all of my heart.
I miss you so much, my life is falling apart.
I wake up every day, and you’re the first thing on my mind.
I don’t know what to do, or if I’ll ever be fine.
So I just wanted to tell you, if these are my last words.
You’ll always have my heart, and I will always be yours.

Who Ever Thought?

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Who ever thought, your first love would be your last?
The days just get shorter, time goes by too fast.
What would one do, if you gave them your heart?
Now you feel lost, it has all fallen apart.
You try to let it go, but it doesn’t work that way.
The more I try not to feel, hurts worse and worse each day.
I have an empty hole, where my heart used to be.
Now I have no feelings, just my dignity.
Everything you wanted has already gone and passed.
Who ever thought, your first love would be your last?

First love