How Many Are Left?

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The days go by, how many are left?
Not very many, her life is a mess.
The one that took it all away.
Is the one that I wanted to stay.
I long for her touch, and the heart that was torn.
She keeps taking and taking, until there’s no more.
But now for her, she has found a new friend.
They call it the needle, which will be with her to the end.
I try to help, and she pushes me away.
She is in denial, every single day.
So I just step back, I’ve done what I can.
Now it is up to her, to want that chance again.

You and Me

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Thoughts of you when I’m trying to eat
Visions of you when I’m trying to sleep.
I hate it when your mad at me..I do, I do.
In the end, all I want & need is you.
Talking to you all day and I cant get enough.
I love trying to blank on you, thinking I’m tough.
No one can tell me just how I feel.
Between you and I, we know it’s real.
Sometimes I trip, but you know I love you
Sometimes we fall out, but we seem to get through.
I know I’ve made mistakes, but you still hold on.
And your always here to listen when I’m really torn.
We have something that no one can ever break
It’s crazy how your on my mind when I wake.
I never saw this coming, but now I see
No one can come between you and me!

My Lust

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Is it your eyes or is it your warmth?

Is it your ways or how you make my days?

Is it your sensitivity or is it your touch?

Is it you that I want and need so much?

Is it your talk, walk, or kiss?

Is it just you that I really really miss?

Is it your poetry or is it your strength?

Is it our relationship that I want to have length?

Is it your charisma or your honesty?

Is it you that I can only see?

Is it my faith and together our trust?

Yes, all this is what leads to my lust!

Forbidden love

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Maybe there’s forbidden love between us

But to tell you the truth for me it’s a must

You’ve absorbed my love and strength from within

And now I’m deeply in love and I hope its not a sin

You hold such amazement within your personality

And for that my love is not beseeched in this endless reality

I can talk with you for hours and you’ll become the world

I’ll do my best to persuade you to be my girl

I’ll become lost in you like being lost in a storm

I’d go to the ends of the earth to see my beloved in her perfect form

My one and only beloved angel o how I would drift off to your heartbeat

Im running in the stream of your life with cold feet

You alone are the reason to my amazing powers

The reason I live completing your wish to be displayed like a flower

I found you beyond beautiful as if something I worshipped

I’d be nothing more than a mere fool if I let you slipped

Your sweet as forbidden fruit and soft as a forbidden rose

Nothing can keep me away not even the gods I suppose

A single desperate indulgence and inception in peace

As if everything in the imperfect world just began to cease

Inescapable persuasion lays in every word you say

You’ve got me tied and blinded so I can’t move away

I cannot have though I shall want you for the rest of my life

My dear beloved queen I shall wait to ask you to be my wife

You just couldn’t possibly know how much I want you

I can’t find the right words to do it justice and show what’s true

At times in the world people may argue and cuss

But there’s no mistaken the forbidden love between us

Only You

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Its only you that I think of at night
Only you that for sleep I fight.

Its only you that makes my heart sink
Only you who can make me think.

Its only you that can make me smile
Only for you, I will have a child.

Its only you that I’ve been looking for
with you, I’ll need no more.

Its only you that can make me cry
Half the time I’m just wondering why.

Its only you I will share it with
Only you that I will be with.

Its only you that I will do anything for
Only you I’ve always been looking for.

From morning til night
From dawn til dusk

Its only you, Where I put my trust.