King of the jungle

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I saw him,
In his jungle palace
Yes…on that hill by the stream
No doubt…that’s his place

He roared,
With such fierce brutality
Jostling through the loyal crowd
And his princes condescending
With huge confidentiality

His mane…
Assured him such sartorial elegance
As he sashayed along the lane
Even the hare followed with divine allegiance

He is the jungle mogul
To him all animals are subject
Perhaps he’s the top consul
Will he die and resurrect??

Will you?

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Will you love me
Will you adore me
Will you say yes
When I speak my mind on a bent knee?
Will you eat grains
At the country home with me?
Will you cherish me
As though, you had no brains?

Will you stay,
…carry my kids
Will you walk to the bay
And with me make winter hay?
Will you bear my name
Like an old dress, it’s hem?
Will you love the little ones
Won’t you run away?

Will you shun all odds
And with me, grow- grey
Won’t your smile fray….

I don’t know what you feel
When I say am here to say
Do you feel the same way?

Will you walk by my
in your wedding array
And be pronounced mr and mrs and Harry…
Close your eyes
open your heart wide
And say yes.

Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture

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I constantly divulge in meaningless action

I suffer from self-conscious dramatization

My confidence reeks of a transparent back-bone

And I can’t explain this feeling of elation


I haven’t a trait with a memorable essence

I can’t string a sentence together in person

My paragraphs lack any sense of emotion

However I drown in this adored immersion


I cheer up and turn around. Swiftly she takes me

I’m lost in a landscape I feel so attached to

The clouds. They form summits of blue, white and grey

The stars mark the peak “look that’s me and that’s you”


A tint in her eye where her soul cries with joy

An emerging raise of the edge of her lips

She smiles so brightly in the dark of night

I hold her instinctively, tighter she grips

Losing It All

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I’m losing everything, my life is falling apart.
I’ve lost my love, my family, and now I’ve lost my heart.
Now I have, no reason to stay.
They were my life, which now faded away.

I have no chance, to live through it all.
Some say it will get better, but my hopes are small.
I’ve lost my morals and my dignity, so true.
So just let me go, I know that I failed you.

Don’t hate me, because my decisions were wrong.
I regret everything, which I have felt for so long.
I keep it all inside me, so nobody has to see.
What all the f*cked up things are, the world has done to me.

I should have just let go, a long time ago.
Then nobody would have to see, all the things that have shown.
It’s okay to point your finger, for all the things I’ve done.
I know I’ve made mistakes, but I’m not the only one.

So now I just see dark, ahead there is no light.
I feel no heartbeat, my body is pale and white.
Now the world turns cold, and nobody is around.
This is the one day, that all I’ve lost is never found.

I Can’t Explain

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I love you unconditionally.
I just can’t explain exactly what you do to me.
Giving me shivers and giving me chills
Boy I can’t explain just how it feels.
Kissing my lips and holding me tight,
Everything that you do is just right.
Saying I love you and miss you, I do.
Sometimes is all I can say to you.
Your making me smile, laugh, and cry,
is all a good thing in my eye.
Talking to me long and listening to our song.
I know what we’re doing is right not wrong.
I love you, I love you, and I’ll say it again,
Your my baby, my love, your my bestfriend.