Tears of Joy

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Tears of Joy
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Had you ever asked yourself why
Do we cry when we’re in pain
And rare are the moments when
We cry for something happy
Had you ever thought it’s the same
When our feelings are true
There’s nothing we can do
Happiness will make us cry then

My love for you makes me cry
Every time that I miss you I cry
Your love for me makes me cry
Every time that you miss me I cry

It’s the happiness I feel around you
It’s the passion I have towards you
Hug me and take a look at a mirror
Tell me now what’s there to see
Even the walls behind us are smiley
Look at me and give me a kiss
I trap my tears but no longer can do
Whisper into my ears I love you
My eyes would tell you I love you too

My love for you makes my cry
Every time I look into your eyes
Your love for me makes me cry
Every time you look into my eyes

Tell me a joke draw a smile on my face
Your presence is what I call god’s grace
Laugh on something I’ve said in French
Make the entire world rest on the bench
No one in the universe I would care about
More than you my love without a doubt
Keep on feeding me with your love
Let me inhale your love in every breath I take
And be my lady for every decision that I make

Your love for me makes me cry
Every time I kiss you I cry
Your love for me makes me cry
Every time you kiss me I cry

I love you with tears of happiness
I love you with smiles of happiness
I love you with every wellcare
I love you with every illcare

Be My Everything

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Be My Everything
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Just over a month ago
You brought me back to life
I erased my past and let it go
And forgot about all the strife
Just like an angel from heaven
You gave my life its meaning
And became a sun upon my days
And you lit my path and ways
You ignited again my feelings
And became the moon of my nights
And became the stars and their lights

Be the new year of my january
Be the warmth of my february
Be the spring of my mars
Be the peace of my wars

Months are named differently
Weather changes frequently

Be the easter of my april
Be my guarding angel
Be the summer of my june
Be the melody of my tune
Be the summer breeze of my july
Be the answer for my every why

Seasons change frequently
Holidays are treated differently

Be the adventure of my august
Be my dream as you promised
Be the automn of my september
Be the fallen leaves of my october
Be the rain of my november
Be the christmas of my december
Be the one I’ll never have to remember

Months change their names
Countless are their days
Weather changes our mood
Sun and clouds are viewed
Seasons change yearly
As we tend to grow nearly
Holidays are always celebrated

And so our love shall be tolerated
Never changing like names
Always growing through days
Stable unlike weather’s mood
Regularly sunny when viewed
Warm as summer during winter
Growing with us and always celebrated

I’ve loved
You in the last month
I’ll love you
Till no words come of my mouth.

I’ll Be Waiting

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I’ll Be Waiting
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I was walking through life one day, when along came you, I didn’t know it at the time, but within you, all my dreams could come true!

You had come into my life, for what I thought would be brief, but now were here, side-by-side, all to my disbelief…

Such a tall, attractive man, with such a delicate touch, my heart always races… it’s almost too much!

Endless hours spent thinking, of our short but sweet times, as I sit here reminiscing, I’ll continue writing rhymes…

Long ago I gave up on love, but then you came along, no matter how hard I try, you’re all I think of!

I’ll wait for you, my tall, handsome lover, there are so many things, that we both can discover!

Emotionally attractive

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Emotionally attractive
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We are pushing through the waves together
This back and fourth kind of weather
Being in your arms forever
I Couldn’t ask for more
Your loving smile
You caring skin
Your sweet brown eyes
Your tender kiss
All this things just make me weak
In your arms, I’m forever free
Your sweet touch ,
Your soft ways,
I feel safe in every way
You’re my light
You’re my star
You’re everything, I’ll hold on tight
I won’t let go
I don’t wanna miss
You’re the best thing
To ever happen to me
Oh my dear, loving soul
I wouldn’t trade you for any gold
Your the golden
In my eye
You’re a true bright star .

I Love Her More than She Knows

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I Love Her More than She Knows
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My love for her continues to glow.
Her smile can make even the worst days bright.
Seeing the fluttering of her eyes is a beautiful sight.

I love her more than she knows.
She loves to dance and prance amidst the snow.
She craves for late night strolls with me on the beach.
A day with her is more than anything one could teach.

I love her more than she knows.
We sit among the stars looking at the world below.
She waltzes around in her beautiful summery dress.
Not a care for the world and not a desire to impress.

I love her more than she knows.
Nights full of watching internet drama series together continue to grow.
Her favourite meal is a delicious breakfast for two.
Describing her beauty is too hard to do.

I love her more than she knows.
Her love never wavers despite me being an average Joe.
A simple game of blackjack makes her happier than most.
My life without her would be like jam without toast.

I love her more than she knows.
Whenever I see her, my heart says ‘whoa!’
Her eyes are always glued to those romantic novels.
Soaking in each word like a good ol’ towel.

I love her more than she knows.
All of her worries I look to blow.
Sitting hand in hand on a romantic evening is all she wants.
Dreams of a life without her tend to haunt.

I love her more than she knows.
I put myself in between her and her lowest of lows.
A smile from her is the most beautiful of all.
All I want to do with time is make it stall.

I love her more than she knows.
Our love will forever continue to flow.

I love her more than she knows.

Beautiful young couple relaxing on couch

Beautiful young couple relaxing on couch by LyndaSanchez