Jealousy for our love

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Jealousy for our love
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I never gave a damn,
What they said about you and me.
I realize that it was things
they said…….out of jealousy.

Jealousy for the love,
That we had for each other.
Knowing that they’d never have
that……. with another.

Everytime they told me,
You were doing me wrong.
I never believed them because
with you…….I belong!

And you used to cry,
Because you thought I believed them.
And used to tell me that
i’ve always been…….the only one.

And I believe you,
I chose you over my family.
Because I know that my family
alone, cannot make me…….happy.

It was you that mattered,
My pride, my beautiful sunshine.
The one who’s life I’d save,
without thinking twice…….about mine!

It’s the One Person I Love

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It’s the One Person I Love
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There’s family and riches,
there’s money and fame.
but for all you horrid bitches,
this is no game.

The ones who cheat,
the ones who lie.
are the ones who will be beat
and will surely die.

Love is not as rare
as people say,
but it’s people who are madly in love
that make my day.

People claim
they adore someone,
but when they are gone
they are merely lame.

It’s the one person I love that moved away
left me here until one day,
when will I see him again? nobody knows
just keep thinking of him as I put on the shows.

Love him, hate him
it’s all the same
but it’s the one person
I’ll never forget, forgive or reclaim.

Because I think of Him

Thank you love

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Thank you love
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I thought my heart had turned to stone, thought I was done and through,
But someone else was feeling alone, looking for a chance on something new.

Was pretty scary to think of opening my heart, the thought of it being torn apart,
I thought why even try, looking back at the past only made me cry.

So often we listen to our minds, never knowing what we could find,
But something was tugging at my heart, saying it was time to make a new start.

I thought love was gone and cold, until I met someone with a heart of gold,
You had that look in your eye, which shined like a rainbow up in the sky.

Then I thought could this be love? It must have come from heaven above,
Was I ready now to take a chance, with the woman who made my heart dance?

Her wonderful smile touched me, like the sun setting on a vast blue sea,
Could this be the one I was longing for, is it time to open that tightly sealed door?

There was this feeling growing deep inside, that I knew I could no longer hide,
It was peaceful like the wings of a dove, it was at that moment I knew I was in love.

There was this burning desire, knowing that my cold heart was now on fire,
It all started with just a single spark, felt so good to shed some light on the dark.

Now that we’re together, we want time to go on forever,
Now she has made me realize, that there is someone behind these eyes.

You are so warm and kind, thank you for giving me a peace of mind,
I love the feel of your caring touch, and your tender caress oh so much.

Thank you for making my dreams come true, how sweet it is to be loved by you,
Together we’ll make a stand, going on and on and hand in hand.

I know now it was meant to be, me for you and you for me,
A woman I cherish, whose love I hope will never perish.

I love you so much

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I love you so much
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The first time I saw her,
My mouth dropped in awe.
In front of me,
My eyes could not believe what they just saw.

A girl with such beauty,
That cannot be explained.
And such a wild mind,
That cannot be tamed.

As she walked past me,
I had to break neck.
I said silently to myself “Damn!”
As she disappeared in a sec’.

Thinking what to say,
I didn’t have a clue.
Then she spoke first as she said,
“Who the hell are you”

She started getting friendly,
And asked how old I was.
I told her I was 15,
Then I asked how old she was.

She told me she was 14,
And I was sort of surprised.
I thought she was 16,
When I first saw her with my eyes.

I didn’t have a girl,
And she didn’t have a man.
I guess it was fate,
A part of God’s plan.

We walked for a while,
Our conversation wasn’t weak.
Before she went inside,
I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As we walked together the next day,
I thought to myself, “What a great find”
This girl was like no other,
She had to be mine.

As she layed her head on my leg,
I couldn’t help but stare.
It was almost hard to believe,
That this beautiful girl was there.

As we walked around,
In the humid night mist.
I stopped and pulled her towards me,
And there is where we kissed.

The kiss was so beautiful,
The kiss was so real.
A kiss for all the ages,
A kiss to seal the deal.

The girl I met was special,
Her name is Lisbet.
I want you to know baby,
“I love you so much, Im so happy we met”

You Had My Love from Hello

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You Had My Love from Hello
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Every time you talk to me I don’t no wut to say
bcuz every thing you say to me takes my breath away
I cannot express my feelings bcuz you have stolen all my heart
the thought of us not together tears my world apart
when Im with you its almost more than I can take
it feels like Im dreaming .. and I never want to wake
I never want to lose you I always want you there
always there to lean on always there to care
“forever and for always” you will have my love
but “forever and for always” just isn’t long enough
so keep it for eternity or for just another day
but no matter how long you want it my love is here to stay
so every time I have to leave and give you one more kiss
think about the words I’ve said and please remember this
…as time goes on together I no our love will grow…
…by the way I never really told you, but “you had my love from hello”…