To Alex, my My Secret Love

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Seeking fun heart to heart
I fell underneath this part.
Knowing love is something hard
I try to remove it from my heart.
But for some reason I cannot
That’s not what my mind will want.
Because I soon realize there’s a chance
You may love me too.
When I talked to you
I thought I was stuck on glue.
Im beat up every day
I hate living this way.
Teased for who I love
Teased for my looks
My heart’s been caught
on sharp hooks.
But I get this feeling
You might love me too
It’s out of the blue
I can only hope
You love me too.
To Alex, my Secret Love

Love confession

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have you ever heard of love at first sight
that short moment in time when you saw the light
a lady dressed in blue with a glow so bright
from online to meeting face to face off the net
it was the first meeting that I will never forget
Im sitting here still reminiscing the day we met
I wish I knew what you were thinking, I was blind
it never cross my mind what you were looking from behind
now that you are gone and we are distance away
thoughts went through my head “must it be someday?”
Im going to tell you how I feel, how I truly feel
call it obsession, call it lust, but don’t tell me its not real
I cannot stop thinking of that laugh that I had to deal (with)
that radiant smile and sparkling eyes, you know what I mean
I bet you cannot believe that Im not smoking the green
Im speaking from the heart, just “so fresh and clean!”

I used to sit back relax and wait a minute
even days, months, years, before I confess my feelings
I would hold it all in cause the fear of rejection
but for some reason I cannot hold back this affection for you
its a clear connection and its pure perfection between us two
now Im here with a confession to make
holding this heart ache and Im ready to break
I would joke around and make mistakes
never thought my feelings for you would be this way
never thought I would ever fall like this again
I know its more pain for me if I come out and say
but for some reason this confession I cannot sustain

what you see is what you get, Im not trying to deceive
trust me, I will go to great length to make you believe
there are times I just want to kick myself out of bed
I cannot tell if Im dreaming or just crazy in the head
maybe Im an idiot, nothing goes my way, never my day
I hope you know what Im trying to say, if not, it’s okay
please just tell me you want me and be with me
the real words from you, how you feel, how we can be
remember when you said that I don’t love you and I said “maybe”
well, maybe I do and if not given the chance, you will never know
I hope you realize that Im confessing through these flows
if you want to part, I can understand and not let it show..

I love him so

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I met this guy,
At high school,
From my mates primary,
I think he’s cool.

Now I feel,
I love him so,
But the trouble is,
I don’t want him to know.

During the summer holidays,
He said I annoyed him,
Him not talking to me,
Made my life very dim.

I couldn’t sleep at night,
Will he talk to me again?
My heart was broken,
I was left in pain.

He called me,
To make peace,
Which I must say,
Made me very relieved.

He’s a special guy,
Like no other I’ve met,
If I don’t tell him my feelings,
Im afraid I might regret.

He’s more than what,
I could ever imagine,
Great personality,
Polite and charming.

I’ve never had a boyfriend,
But I’ve never felt like this,
I hate weekend’s now,
Because I miss,
The most perfect guy..