Unbelievable love that I have for you

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Unbelievable love that I have for you
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If I say I love you million times
Still it won’t be enough
Because I just love you so much
No one can say how much
In my heart you will always be
Forever, Forever
Here or there
Near or far
My love will be
Wherever you are

I will never leave your hand
You are everything for me
I can never see you sad
Forever I will be on your side
You are the one
You are my soul
If without you
What the reason to live in this world

I can touch the sky for you
I will always be with you
You are my life partner
No one, no one will take your place
In this world until heaven
I will never break my promise
You are the cure of my pain
You are just my man

Because ever since you have come in my life
You have completely changed my world
That makes me believe
I will love you till the end
Because it feels so great
When you are around
Happiness which I feel
No one can ever describe

Unrecognized Love

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Sweet in composure
Elegant in stance
Devine in posture
And passionate in romance

Believed to be untouchable
secretly, seeking love
Many find her desirable
She doesn’t feel the above.

Defiantly she meets him he sweeps her of her feet
In his arms, she finds comfort, for months that begin to meet

Family unaware and believing she sits at home frozen
Waiting for the man, that her parents have chosen
She is a free spirit though, and has already found love
In the arms of a common boy, found in the dirt pushed and shoved
He is not right for her, says the society where she lives
Alas it is her heart, that says he has all the love to give
They will never live happy, the family will protest
And their love never be recognized, their souls will not rest

They run far away from it all, so that they live together alone
Now they have nothing, and slowly she starts to miss home
Her family tried to find her and searched for a year
And the girl and her lover keep traveling with no money in fear
The winter months approached, and the family ended their search
Built a grave on a mountain where the little birds could perch
She knew the way home all along, anytime she could leave
But she needed to stay with him, this is what she believed

With no money and no food, they found a tiny manger to stay
And there they cuddled up and watched the winter pass away
When it was over, a man found their bodies, holding hands together
Till this day their spirits live on forever.

I will love you forever even when you're gone

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I could search the world and far beyond,
And never find a love like yours.
I know with me only you belong,
Because I know you will stay to keep me strong.

I cannot say that that Im sorry enough,
And I know that times have been real rough.
Im sorry I lied and threw it away,
But I think about you each and every day.

My heart gets no rest thinking about you,
Knowing your not here what can I do,
To win back the love I once had with you,
The love we shared that was once true.

I will be there for you when your in need,
To keep you safe and help you breathe,
I will love you forever even when you’re gone,
Baby with me is where you belong.

my LOVE is the WORLD

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What would I give for one more kiss
Or all the the things Ive so long missed?

What would I give for one more touch
Or those hugs you gave me that I loved so much?

What would I give for one more touch of your lips.
Or when you held me close with your hands on my hips?

What would I give for one more walk on the beach
Or those long passionate kisses that affected your speech?

What would I give to have you in my arms forever
Or just being so close that we were destined to be 2gether?

What would I give just to be your girl..?

The answer to all these questions my LOVE is the WORLD!!!

I love the way you make me feel

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You’ve been there for me when I needed you most,
When my life seems to pass by so slow.
You always can put me in the best of moods,
You brighten up my life when it is out of tune.

You let me know when I do something wrong,
You show me in this world is where I belong.
You’ve taught me how and why the world turns,
I hope you can show me everything you have learned.

You make me feel like the sun in the sky,
Like I should have no worries but to sleep and to rise.
To make my day the brightest it could be,
Just to live my life and know Im free.

You make me love you more than words can say,
You make me want you more and more each day.
I love the way you make me feel,
Because noone in this world can make it so real.