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Sitting here wondering why i care so much,
and why i wanna cry…
why i wanna call you but I’m scared to even try,
wondering why i wanna talk to you when i know you said we’re through
wondering why you said you loved me when i really dont think you do
wondering how you can do this to me when you said we would never be apart
wondering why you did this to me when i gave you my heart…
i love you no matter what you think about me or how you feel…
this is how i feel so let’s be read…

Is this just a game

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Is there a problem?

Do you have something to say

Why everytime I try to kiss you,

you turn your face away

I can read you, I can see into your heart

Why didn’t I avoid this or stop it from the start

Do you love or is this just a game?

If you should ever leave me I would surely go insane

You’re the air that I breathe,

you’re the food that I eat

Without you in my life

~ Im incomplete~


Love by TORLEY

Love Is a Game

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While I’m sitting here crying
you’re over there partying.
All I ever wanted
was to be your girl.
I know I broke your heart,
I know I hurt you bad,
you have reasons to be mad
but just remember all we had.
I’ve never cried over anyone
the way I’ve cried over you.
I’ve never felt this way
and that’s why I have to say I love you.
It’s too late for me to say that I know.
It’s time for me to let go.
Why did I have to let go of your hand?
Now you’re with her walking through lovers land.
You’ve forgot about me Its time I do the same
and quit playing this game.

Blue Girl

Blue Girl by faith goble

Love is a great feeling

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Cannot believe it’s our first month
I love you with all my heart
Im glad we had a great start
When you look at this Rose, I know you will smile
Hope you like my drawing and think of me 4 a while. :)
I know our Love is strong
and hoped nothing would go wrong
You scared me when you told me about your ex
Prayed to God, “that nothing bad would happen next!!!”
You told me “it’s about now and not your past”
And you also told me “that me and you would last”
Hope you tell the truth and don’t lie to me
Cuz you told me, that me N you were meant to be
I drew you this Rose to show you how much I care
No other girl has had my love, like the one we share
You’re my first real love, my first real girlfriend
Jasmin I want you to know that I will Love you till the end!!!
Happy 1st month anniversary

Love the one who loves you

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Love the one who loves you
Don’t pretend when you don’t do
Because love is dangerous
So don’t be careless

Love the one who loves you
Don’t love who chew and spit you
Because love avoids anger
breaks the heart of a lover

Love the one who loves you
Thin or fat , One or two
Happy tears will shower
Your man will be your power

Love the one who loves you
Happiness will come to you
If he is late,you can wait
Any time even midnight