Much Love

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Much Love
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I love you with all my heart,
Till the very end.
Even though my heart will never mend.
I trust you with all my heart,
I always have, since the start.
You make me feel like flying,
While deep inside Im dying.
Hearts and such, darling dear,
When your around, I never fear.
Alex honey, I love you so much,
And I always will crave your touch

I love you sooooooooo much Alex

Love Race

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Love Race
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Why is that I can not find love
so I look to the heavens above
free as a dove
feeling like it was never meant to be
I see you with him
but you tell me it’s nothing
or am I just nothing to you
It’s like Im in a race with way too many
when Im ahead it’s still feel like Im going too slow of a pace
so I ask myself are you the one that Im willing to face


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sweet and kind
cute and wild
blond ‘n brown eyed
hear me straight!
love ya
but please don’t feel hate.
Because I love you
more than I can bear
Looks, personality,
and awesome hair
so please
when you go to bed tonight
please think of me
don’t make me feel fright
don’t break my heart
like ass Alex did.

Farewell Love

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Farewell Love
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Farewell my greatest love

After the long wolf cry of the loneliest night
comes a new morning with the bluest sky
watching the sun blooms to a new light
In a place we used to hide

Reminiscing our happiest and saddest moments
In my thoughts and in my heart will always be kept
A love full of struggle and promises
Finally reached a new beginning

Eight long years seem like yesterday
a love thats never given a chance to last forever
torn in a world that I could never be
for I am yours wherever you may be

Yes, I did what you asked of me my love
to live like a wind, in a life full of adventures
I told of your story in a thousand ways
shared our memories in countless days

you were my life and my greatest love
a once in a lifetime journey finally found its end
where the greatest mystery becomes clearer to me today
in chapter of our past must no longer be held

to start a life and to love
with someone the way you loved me
a promise not to make her cry
to live each day filled with happiness
a gentle and selfish heart
deserves a meaningful life
for I will love her the way you hold me
farewell my love, my greatest love