First Love

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I can’t get you out of my head
It’s weighing my body down like lead
Im thinking about you twenty-four/seven
You used to make me feel like I was in heaven
My heart feels like it’s breaking
I can’t stop it from aching
Why can’t I move on from you
We have already said adieu
I didn’t want to give you my heart
It began to happen from the start
You were my first and so far only love
In the end you pushed me away with a shove
You’ve hurt me too much to go back to you
Yet I can’t stop thinking of all we’ve been through
I remember us laying out under the stars
Jumping away from each other when we heard the cars
When you held me in your arms you kept me warm
I was protected from everything, even a storm
You made me laugh, you made me smile
My time with you was completely worthwhile
I have tried so hard to forget and move on
I hate knowing from my life you are gone
I trusted you with everything I had
Because, boy, you made me so glad
I don’t think I will ever forget you
We were great together, us two.


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Is there a chance for you and me
I really want there to be.
Will there be a day
Where, I love you, to me, you’ll say.
Will there come a time
Where I can honestly call you mine
As I see you walking by
You make me feel like I am high
You say you care
And that is rare
What you see is what you get
The one you see is the one you met
Im not going to change for anyone, not even you
Even if I think I want to
So before I get carried away
Let me just say
I love you with all my heart
So PLEASE, please don’t rip it apart

to my dearest Alex

Wait for Love

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Love is such a strong word but I can’t help but thinking about it
everytime I see you I just want to shout it
Im just here waiting for your call
save me from walking this empty hall
Because that’s how I feel when you’re not with me
I feel empty as you can see
And now Im here waiting for you
just to tell you I love you

Wrong Love

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I gave you my heart
You took it and tore it apart
I loved you
And you knew
Now because of you
I cry more tears
And have more fears
I thought I was strong
But it appears I was wrong
I have no doubt
Its you I cant live without
Now I dont have you
Thats something true
You made me happy before
But not anymore
So I wont lie
I am going to DIE


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You called me your wife
and said I’m your life
The first day you called me
made me feel so happy

You kissed me on the first meeting
thinking its not wrong
Everyday you called me without fail
and I thought you were after me like a tail

When we met again
you tried to do things that were not right
Sooner or later,
you stopped your love

I thought of a reason,
and I realised after you touched me
all you could do was drifting away

Im starting to hate you
Im sorry but its true
You told me plenty of lies
and did those pathetic tries

Your killing me deep inside
with hundreds and thousands
of stabbing knives!

And now your gonna regret,
because your in trouble
come begging me Baby
try your best and dont be a pest

Im goin on a new path
for my new love
and I swear,
I will never find a sadist like you!