You're with her

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And for awhile, I was convinced,
that you loved me, no body else.
Now I’m hurting, and cry,
while you’re with her, tonight.

Oh, the tears keep falling, they never stop,
and you’re with her after the moon comes up,
and as I cry, holding my pillow tight,
I know you’re with her, tonight.

So I sing this song, on my broken guitar,
as I cry, and plead, baby come back to me,
I know you won’t be back, to say sorry,
I know you won’t be mine again,
because you never cared, didn’t love me.

Our precious love story, has come to an end,
You found someone else, to replace me in your heart,
while mine is broken and cracked,
while bleeds to our love song,
gone so wrong.

Oh baby, I’m not gonna beg, I’m not gonna plead,
cause I know you don’t love me anymore,
So tonight while you hold her,
I will be lonely, in the moonlight,
singing a song, while my heart slowly dies.

Night for us

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The night was made for romance.
In the night our two hearts dance.
Under the stars our lips touch.
In the garden your embrace means so much.

The night was made for love.
Our hearts cooing like a white dove.
Your eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
I love you darling with all my might.

The night was made for caring and trust.
And darling, God made this night for us.

Perfect Love

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All we had of laughs and tears,
We both kept it a secret so no one hears,
I thought we could stay together,
But I knew these days wouldn’t last forever,
She first treated me like a friend,
But I knew this couldn’t be the end,
I saw the sun rising upon the shores,
Who would stay in while she could be outdoors,
We used to have fun under the rain,
Such moments were magical that words cannot explain,
Till that day when we had our first kiss,
That day is in my mind and I will always miss,
The love we shared grew strongly and fast,
She was everything to me, my present, future and past,
Words cannot describe the beauty of her eyes,
She is perfect that she can never tell lies,
The happiness of the world is felt in her smile,
Describing it would take years and years, not just a while,
All the love we felt was real,
It was innocent, perfect and pure that no one can feel,
Keeping us from each other would be tough,
Even the strongest power on earth won’t be enough,
She was the closest one to my heart,
Nothing in the world could make us apart,
She thought I didn’t need her that much,
But all what I needed was only her touch,
She is the one I loved with all my might,
The one dream to kiss tonight.

Today was the day…

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Finally, today was the day…
Just listen to every word I have to say…
You are the reason why I’m smiling at the start of the day…
Just seeing you read this poem takes my breath away…
Every time you are in pain, I wanna be there for you…
I wanna fight away all your tears…
and replace them with happiness
and take away all your fears…
Your heart beat is racing and you don’t know why…
but all I have to tell you is that
I will love you till I die…
Just follow me and my lead…
I wouldn’t trade you for the world,
you are all that I need…
The day we met, I can’t explain the way I felt….
Feeling all these emotions that I can’t even help…
Every little thing we do is so special to me….
We are meant to be and thats what I want you to see…
Look into your future and don’t think of your past…
Just stick with me and know that we will last…
I wanna give you all my love and heart…
Would you give me chance and a brand new start???
and I promise to treat you exactly like the first day…
and I promise that I will never go away….
Elizabeth I really do love you….
if I didn’t I would have never cried for you….

Key to Love

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You kept your love behind a gate
your love tried to escape but you kept at bay
so I lay at the gate day by day
waiting for your love to escape
the day you gave me the key
I fell on my knees
and prayed that this was the right key
I just need you to see
that one day the 3 keys you hold will be mine too
Renita you can have my key too