Never Enough

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Never Enough
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I closed my eyes and went to what
I thought was sleeping
I had a pretty vision for a while
I thought I was dreaming
I opened my eyes to the best reality
A dream can close to
I reached my arms to touch
The best of a spectrum, YOU!
I prayed for the lord thankfully
For making my dream a reality

Nobody’s is perfect and so I am
Just like any one else I’m a human
Full of defects I consider myself
Some of which can rest on a shelf
I’ve asked you once be the better half of me
Since then you’ve been and helped me to be

Whenever you walk away from my sight
I can only wish to see you and very soon
Whenever I miss you and every second I do
I recall five months back November to June
Whenever your hands leave mine for a while
I hope our wedding day gets closer like tonight
I have an only dream to think about in my life
Having you till eternity listening to people telling our story
Pointing at us and saying they’ve been together since 2013
Hearing them wishing for us to stay together till the year infinity

Not everbody but I do have a perfection
Since the day you became my addiction
I found that one thing I never had felt before
I had never been perfect but now I do
And its clearly because now I have you

Five seconds are never enough to see you
Five minutes are never enough to talk to you
Five hours are never enough to look at you
Five days are never enough to listen to you
Five weeks are never enough to hold you
Five months are never enough to love you
Five years are never enough to love you
Five ages are never enough to love and adore you
I love you …..

Goodnight: Here’s some Affection

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Goodnight: Here’s some Affection
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I think i’m lucky that I’ve found you,
The closest thing to perfection.
Day by day my happiness grew,
So here’s a token of my affection.

Nothing but letters and words,
Coming deep from my heart.
Sure, I may not be playing it smart
Because, here and now –
we’re just at the start.

I say you’re my friend,
But I seem to be falling fast,
So, I can’t help but send,
Another question to be asked.

So dearest michelle,
Wont you take my hug?
So you’ll sleep well
As if under a spell?


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I used to think being alone was the worst thing,
but honestly its having some one and still feeling alone.

Ive given my heart away
hoping we would marry someday
but now things seem so dull and grey

i love her with all my heart
but she loves me with all of her imagination
confused, her heart cant decide
if its better to just hide

she thinks but she does not know
but when she smiles its an amazing glow
she speaks with a graceful flow
but the gap between us seems to grow

she causes me pain
and drives me insane
but she also makes me smile
im completely in denial

im torn in two
at times i say I’m through
yet i can not let her go
for what i would do i do not know

it hurts
it feel good
it goes up
it crashes down
its on
its off

i fear the pain of losing her
more than the pain caused already sustained

im lost in my own mind
my two halves grind
and everything wont unwind

so one question remains
do i stay
or do i go

Looking for a Girl

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Looking for a Girl
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I look for a girl who sees me for me,
who when I’m sad wont let me be,
a girl who i she will cherish,
and her love will never perish,
a girl who will always forgive,
and with me she will always live.
I need a girl who will cling,
and when i need her to she will sing,
whether with her voice or with her touch,
she will comfort me and love me very much.
I wish for a girl i can tell anything,
A girl who will compliment me,
A girl who will brag about me,
a girl who will care for me.
I look for a girl who sees me for me,
who when i am sad wont let me be,
Cause i will do all the same for her.

Lost and Alone

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Lost and Alone
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I am an observer,
a watcher.
i look for that girl,
even when my head starts to swirl.
my heart yearns for love,
and angels curse me from above.
all i want is someone,
and all i have is no one.
I want some one to hold,
and some one with which i can grow old.
i long for the one’s embrace,
and the beautiful look on her face.
i wish for some one who wants me,
and will rescue me from this sea,
this never ending pit of despair,
where i suffocate from lack of air.

The darkness is all around,
and it pinning me to the ground,
i yell but not a sound,
dying to be found.