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I love you darling, I love you so,
my love for you can only grow.
You’re in my mind, body and soul,
without you I’d lose control.
With your strength, kindness and love,
our love will grow a both a bond as a turtle dove.
You are my sunshine you brighten up my day,
you own a part of me that’ll never fade away.
And this for you my love is just to say,
the cloud would drown my day, if you were taken away.
You mean the world to me and so much more,
it’s like a water fall that forever flows.
I simply want to say, I love you so…….


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I wish I could express the feelings I hide inside,
Every time I see you, the feelings seem to hide.
I may go on like I don’t care,
but really Im just screaming out to be there.
I see you’re in pain,
and in a way we’ve been through the same.
I really would love to hold you tight,
not hiding in the spot light.
I wish we could walk condoling hand in hand,
but what would people say? They wouldn’t understand.
I hold a torch for you
that no one else knows,
you to me are the meaning of a single rose.
but as this is a wish, I guess I’ll have to keep hold of my t-bone
and wish this over and over again.
until then I’ll have to settle for friends

Finished Love

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I need a man not a little boy.
someone mature, not wanting to play with me like a toy.
how can people act like they do
and still demand respect from you.
they don’t care about you or your emotions
all they care about are their own promotions.
how can you act like such a fool
and to the one you love be so cruel?
Im tired of always taking the blame,
you should feel so ashamed.
Im finished with you today finished for good
you should check into mental help you really should.

Broken Heart 294/366

Broken Heart 294/366 by Skley

Love and Hate

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate myself
For loving you.

I know for sure
You have no heart
Exactly the reason
We are apart.

When I say
I love you
Don’t get it wrong
I hate you too.

You’re the reason
Why I cried
Why’d you kill me
I was already dead inside.

You put the smile on my face
And the tears in my eyes
I hate loving you
Your jokes and lies.

My mind says no
My heart says yes
Together we’re nothing
But a total mess.

I hate you
You broke my heart
My heart was the bull eye
You held the sharp dart.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate you because
I love you.


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Memory is a part of me
Memories you want to see
Memories from before
Memories you left outside my door
Your chestnut hair
Your melting stare
Your green colored eyes
The memories I have inside
Your cute smile
Our precious time
The night without lights
The memories I kept alive
The memories in the past
The memories that will last
The memories I have
Is from someone I love!