Now and Forever

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Now and Forever
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You with me, I need not shed a tear,
the world at my feet,
the days to come look so clear.
gone are the days,
when I used to cry,
life looked so miserable
and I had no reason to lie.
then you came and took my hand
and we flew across to a faraway land.
O girl! just be by my side
and leave me never.
just love me for two moments-
Now and forever.

Time Tells All

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Time Tells All
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The smile on your face means the world to one.
They love that you’re happy and having some fun.
Make the best out of times with whatever you have.
You just enjoy life through the happy and the sad.
The goals in your life you try to succeed.
Some you don’t reach, but you have all your need.
There are those of us that don’t know what to do.
When one looks in our eyes and says “I love you.”
It might scare one person, but make another one smile.
That is one of the things I haven’t felt in awhile.
It might cross your mind that you were meant to be.
This is one thing, that in time you will see.

The Right Place

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The Right Place
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How do we tell if this moment is real?
We go with our heart and the way that we feel.
We give what we have and can’t give anymore.
That when we know if what we feel is for sure.
You go with your heart and the feelings you get.
When your love for each other is every little minute.
You touch each other and get a feeling that is new.
One you can’t explain but only happens with you two.
You love every moment and don’t want it to end.
This is where you want one, more than a friend.
You remember it all like it was just yesterday.
When you want everything to be here to stay.
Love is a thing that will creep up from behind.
It will catch you in a moment, you feel you are blind.
Every time you see them, they bring a smile to your face.
This is where you know you are in the right place.

Love is a Lie

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Love is a Lie
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Why do things happen, in the ways they do?
I guess they call it fate, is all that really true?
One will get this feeling, while the other one is near.
They say that it’s called love, which also gives you fear.
You get this happy feeling, which can also scare someone.
Except while you’re together, and having all the fun.
Some will take the leap of faith, hoping that it works.
It has some of the downfall, but also gives you perks.
Things will happen then, that makes your brain just scatter.
But then it’s all ok, because nothing really matters.
When you feel happy with them, it all will seem ok.
But then just wait, because you will see the day.
When all of the reality, opens up your eyes.
That when it all hits you, ready for a surprise?
It makes your world crash, and then it falls apart.
So you then learn, not to give away your heart.
When you get it back, it’s scattered all around.
Then is when you notice, that all is never found.
When love hurts so bad, it makes you want to cry.
You then get the feeling, that everything’s a lie.


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If my Heart was Beowulf, a hero,
I’ll fight any crucial foe;
And if I fall;
I want to stand just to answer your call.
Even if how big or strong the foe is;
I’ll always volunteer my fist!
I’ll use no swords, armor nor weapons;
Instead, I’ll fight for just a reason!
For just a mission;
For just a sacrifice;
Even Death is the price
And that’s to love you until my last breath;
And all I request, is that you will always remember my DEATH!