But I Am Just Another Girl

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But I Am Just Another Girl
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You seem to have it figured out
But I can’t tell what you’re about
If I go on word of mouth
I’m sure that I’d be missing out

You must practice new, exciting ways
To be the highlight of my day
Can’t you see that I am completely hooked on every last word you say

Now that you’ve caught me, I guess I’ll admit
I am your own addict, feigning for a fix
Because your love is like a hit
I just can’t go without it

I miss you before you walk away
Goodbye is all you’d have to say
To shatter my heart and destroy my world

But I Am Just Another Girl

My Love, My Loss, My Addiction

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My Love, My Loss, My Addiction
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In the beginning, there was only one love,
my true & strong warrior sent from above!
We shared many joys & great memories …
it was only 1yr … but felt like a century.
Much laughter & love, our time spent was splendid,
but shortly we knew it would be abruptly ended.
Time wasn’t on our side …
this was caused by a big surprise …
his ex-girlfriend began with her drama …
yelling & lying…that brings bad karma!
My Love could only take so much …
so he decided to begin to judge.
He felt very angry … just about to burst …
when suddenly a thought came to mind first …
“Let’s not re-act & cause more drama.
I’m on probation and will fight the temptation.”
He made the wise choice and didn’t re-act …
walking away, he never looked back.
As we all know, some ex-girlfriends like to start trouble …
uh oh! We’re in a jumble!
She had the nerve to call the cops …
saying he hit her & caused her to drop.
When she got the “law” involved …
she forgot he wasn’t around;
no one saw an incident …
this wasn’t mere coincidence!
He made the right choice & walked away …
but in R.I., someone needs to pay.
There my love went…falsely accused,
more time in jail gives you the blues.
Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse …
something horrible occurred … what am I cursed?
A few weeks went by & I was missing my lover …
to soon realize I was losing another!
Dad “hid” this from us for quite a while …
dying from Cancer made him hostile.
The cancer was taking my Dad on a horrible journey
that seemed not to end for an eternity.
Still on my mind was my Love falsely accused …
it was now my time to see what I could do.
I somehow was able to get a good lawyer.
His name was Art & he definitely did his part!
While counting Dad’s days & while Art was at work …
I finally realized how much I was hurt!
Falling harder each day, all I could do was to continue to pray.
I was all alone & very weak …
my only strength source was not in arm’s reach.
All that night I tossed & turned …
wondering if my Love was also concerned.
I awoke the next day to some really good news …
my Love was found innocent… no more singing the blues!
Instantly we went to the I.C.U.,
to show that we care & say I Love You.
My Dad looked at my Love right by my side …
gave a small grin & said his goodbyes.
It seemed like Dad waited for him to come there …
they said their goodbyes … he was gone by sunrise.
It was sad & beautiful at the same time …
I felt confused & started to cry.
My Love was there to help me stay strong …
but I thought it be better if we didn’t stay long.
While holding Dad’s hands … I noticed the sun …
I then realized that it’s only begun.
Being with the Lord is what Dad wanted indeed …
who wants to stay here and continue to hurt & bleed?
3 more yrs. have flown by …
and things have gotten worse … I can’t deny.
Major foot pain everyday … caused by bone spurs I can’t dismay.
Nurses, Specialists, & the family Doc …
I’ve tried it all & I still limp around the clock.
My LAST choice was to cover the pain …
so here’s where it gets pretty insane.
In time I was taking more & more pills …
they covered the pain & even my blues.
I made the wrong choice & became too discreet …
this made my addiction greatly increase.
It has now been 5 yrs. & my Love knows the truth …
his girl is an addict with the opiate blues.
Always understanding & helping me a lot …
I would like to re-thank him cuz he’s all I got!
Thank You for caring & understanding my pain …
Thank You for being there through all the migraines.
YOU are now my best friend … you carry with you a piece of my heart …
you tattooed Dad’s name right from the start …
just so you know, that means a lot & I promise to you that I’ll never depart.
In closing I’ll say … before I was blinded by all the pain.
Having you is a blessing … I can’t complain!
Be there for me & I will be there for you …
because no one will ever TRULY understand how I feel for you!

Without You

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Without You
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When months ago you slammed the door,
because what I said made you feel unsure.
I didn’t know then but now I do:
I can’t live my life without you.
You were my sunshine.
Now I have only rain.
Worse still I say,
you took my son,
and every day ends grey.
I thought, my Dear, of how it might be,
I want you back so once again it’s us three.
Such is family life, without it I ache,
I’ve wept plenty salt tears at my mistake.
My heart lies bare, bleeding , snapped in two.
What more? What more? I cry: “I still love you.”


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Love is the insanity
that controls your life
it’s not about Christianity
it’s all about sensuality
just comes as the rush
like a player having a royal flush
rising and betting
wishing to control the table
but suddenly he is no longer able
cause he forgot about the bluff
and the raise is so high
so he folds his cards and tie
the same as the cheater
he pretends to be your lover
but in reality he is the bluffer
crashing down your dreams
then you wake up realizing your fears
sitting just counting down your tears

The game of love

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The game of love
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Your Love to me is all that I need,
You are my love, life and greed.
It seemed that we were meant to be one
As you are the one who can make all my sorrows undone.
It has been long since we know each other,
But there is hardly any moment, which we have spent together.
People who say you are not mine are fool,
You will come to me in the end, that’s this game’s rule.
But this game does not seem to end,
Which started when I became your friend.
I am done with my chance in the game & now it is your turn,
Please never let my heart break up or let it burn.
I was the one, who started this game,
And I will be the one who will take all the blame.
So hold my hand and be assure,
That my love is the most pious and pure.
Now, let me tell you that love is a game,
In which I will always remain yours and these feelings will always remain the same,
And telling everyone that I love you the most, I have no shame.

Parisian Love Lock

Parisian Love Lock by thezartorialist.com