Life is short

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Forever is today, today is all we have
so I regret nothing and take nothing back
I give life what i’ve got, the same is true with love
and I believe in peace, olive branches and doves
I believe in myself so others will do the same
I live like I’m dying but i’ve got a good name
I try with all my might and sometimes I am let down
but you hate to see me unhappy so I never wear a frown
I respect our differences and I value your opinions
and yet you look at me as though I’m a minion
admiration is vital, ignorance is promised
the world is just so beautiful, but i’m sure that statement’s biased
small town or big city people are the same
living for glory, power, and fame
let’s live for today, forever young, dying fast
life is short but I intend to make it last

Chocolate Chip Icecream and Bagels

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Let’s just take our chances
watch the ocean as it dances
climb the mountain ranges
embrace the forest as it changes
all I ever want to do
is spend every waking minute with you
eating chocolate chip icecream and bagels
talking as long as we are able
until I have to fall asleep, something I dread
i’d much rather be looking into your eyes instead
60 Minutes, coffee, and cigarettes keep you satisfied
I resisted you at first, I don’t know why I tried
my parachute never opened, but I didn’t crash land
you caught me, and you’re still holding my hand
we’re saying goodnight, now for the kiss
before you go please promise me this;
don’t let go, never say never
if I love you now, I might love you forever
i’d hate to be in this all by myself
tell me now please…will we be just put on a shelf?

Nowhere Near Done

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Wishful thinking
kept me drinking
saw me sinking
stupid lies
make me cry
no surprise
awful feeling
heart WAS healing
left here kneeling
still bleeding on the floor
doesn’t matter anymore
why is love such a bore?
same old routine
say what you mean
try feeling something
leave me here
your point was clear
but i’m nowhere near

Too Much Too Fast

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You’re everything I’ve waited for, but nothing I’ll ever have
Everything that I could need and it’s just too bad
I want you to stop being scared, but I am scared too
At least tell me why I keep coming back to you

Too much. Too fast.
Too soon. Won’t last.
Too hollow. Too alone.
Too numb. Too cold.
Take my heart, just rip it out
Tell me you love me, then cut me down
Didn’t really know what to expect
Just hoped that you were different.


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Why did I have to meet you? I wish I never had.
How could I fall in love? I knew it would end bad.
So many words I should scream in your face.
Too far away; Love was a chase.

So many emotions, can’t focus on one.
Wishing, pointlessly, that my heart would numb.
I’m thrilled that you left. So glad you gave up.
Who knows how much longer ’til I bailed?

Leaving you hollow. Believing lies that were told.
No longer victim to your words. I’ve grown cold.
Cold enough I no longer shiver or shake.
I, alone, have handled more than most can take.
I am my own masochist. Simply lost in dreadful bliss.
I tear me down like a cut to the wrist.
Tears sting hot. Yours or Mine?
Why did we waste so much time?
Countless days, minutes, hours.
Wilting away like pretty flowers.
Displayed with perfection, on my desk, by the chair.
I tended the flowers. YOU FORGOT THEY WERE THERE.