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The memories will fade

I don’t want to blink

I want them close to me

I’m right on the brink..


My memory of you is failing

I’m sitting in an empty room!

I’m looking around trying to find you

Hoping our time will resume..


I’m not sure who I am

I don’t know the time

No idea where I am

Or why I’m writing this rhyme..


You keep crossing my mind

I wish you didn’t but I can’t win

Either love me or just leave!

Yet I can’t control you, or I’d sin..

My Secret Pain

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You hold my hand
You move my sleeve
You see my dirty secret
My nighttime reprieve

You look at me
In the eye
And see that I’m
About to cry

You move your hand
Close to my heart
And promise we’ll never
Be apart

Why is it
I can’t believe
What you say
Is not to deceive-

Me in my
Fragile state
These feelings
I must debate

Is this truth
Is this real
Is this how you
Honestly feel

Or is this false
Is it all lies
To keep the tears
From leaving my eyes

You know my secret
It’s out at last
Now you know
My hidden past

Can you love me
For who I am
Can you live
With what I can-

Do to myself
Without second thought
It’s been so long
That I’ve fought-

This war with pain
My secret strife
To at last
End my life

You say you love me
Is it true
If so, what do you
Plan to do-

To keep me away
From my best friend
So hard and cold
And sharp on the end

He gives me such pleasure
Every night
He gives me a rush
And he takes my fright

I feel the pain
I see the red
Tonight at last
Will I be dead

Then I remember
I have you; my love
This brings me back
From up above

I make it through
The night again
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe then

No! You will see
I will make it through
Because I know
I will wake up to seeing
“Beautiful, I love you”

Descended Wish

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Foggy distraction cripples my footpath
Fresh scars I’m drowning in their bloodbath
Deep terrible pain, it’s almost unbearable
The curse you had caused is non-repairable
Your sweet poison is my absolute redemption
Your charming eyes are my ultimate addiction

Hear the sound of my heart as it’s breaking down
Read the silence of my poems as they’re written down
Listen to my words before my tongue spells them out
Don’t be senseless; you’re well aware about your clout

Snow is falling freely, freezing my skin but not my feelings
Like a tree is dipped into the soil, standing still and never leaving
A thunderstorm strikes madly; a dream passes by the blink of an eye
There’s no use of running, I can’t hide it anymore nor can I deny
Winds are blowing hardly; clouds are fading but not my emotions
Though the heat is cascading, it’s serving you love and devotion

Every night of my life I’ve been anticipating an angel to fall
And when I saw you I realized that god had listened to my call
An angel of love, an angel of peace and joyful tranquility
What had you left in paradise is out of my responsibility
While the sky cries steadily for losing an angel like you
No one can blame my eyes when they do, not even you
Take me down and bring my heart to its knees
You’re part of it and waiting outside holding the keys
Get inside and hide from the freezing breeze
Or else
Be yourself go and leave all of this behind
Pretend to be deaf, pretend to be blind
Make your choice, you have to decide

Stand up and fight me, wake up and face me
Hit me kiss me or torch me to death
Give me a soul, or cut off my breath
I’ll be the convict or the victim of love
I’ll take the shot for your sake my dove
Whatever you choose, you’ll still be the one for me

Woman Scorned

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When we both said “I do”
I thought “Till death do us part”
But the real truth
Is Love has not been in his heart

He lies
He deceives
He leaves me out
He neglects
He abuses
He pushes me away
Where is the Love you say?

He does not bother with my birthday
Nor our anniversary,
Not even Christmas Day
Was it only last year he sent me flowers
Gave me a card, a present
A kiss…?

Now I find out he is going on a company trip
I have not been invited, not asked
One quote comes to mind, my lips

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned!” **

Be cautious, Beware
Do not your back be turned
Your feelings nor your money will I spare
I am the woman you have scorned

** “The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve.

You are my sunshine emma

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On this lovely day I want you in my arms
I’ll be close so there’s no reason to be alarmed
This is your day and I want to make it the best
So without further ado I will now confess
When I first met you I melted like ice cream
Little did I know I would dream and dream
Can’t close my eyes without seeing you
I’ve dreamed and dreamed for this day to come true
Emma we met and clicked right then and there
Since then no one else gives me a scare
I would like to express certain feelings
Certain things that I can’t help but releasing
Every time I see you there’s a smile on your face
Sometimes I’d love to wrap you in an embrace
My queen whatever you wish is my command
I’ll always submit to your royal demands
I’ve always wanted to lay a kiss upon your cheek
Never stalked but couldn’t resist a peek
You’re so beautiful you could have the world in your hands
So I guess now I must take a stand
I may not have a six pack and be a dream guy
But I’ll love you and love you until I die
I know it’s a waste of time to tell you my feelings
I know I don’t have a chance and I’m saying crazy things
But on the off chance that you do read this
I’d like to ask for a memorable kiss
These feelings come from my deepest heart
Where love form others were torn apart
But you stitched it back up to its whole
And to make you happy has always been my goal
I can’t thank you and thank you enough
Life has been meaningful but also rough
You hold my heart in your hand
Please my dear don’t bury it in the sand
If it’s alright I’d like to concentrate on you
Again my angel here is the truth
I’ve come to my senses and realize
That I’ve found what I wanted all my life
I’ve found my one and only prize
And she’s been right here in front of my eyes
You smile at me and I laugh
It’s not exactly science or math
Doesn’t take a genius to understand
That my love for you has a plan
Head over hills is what people say
But my dear you are my never-ending dream everyday
Emma I don’t know what else to say
Except I want you in my arms on this lovely day
I love you Emma