I have given you my heart

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I love you more, than words can explain.
Maybe that’s why this, has caused me all the pain.
I’ve had no feelings, since we’ve been apart.
I feel that I have, given you my heart.
The butterflies I get, whenever we talk.
The way you make me feel, while we hold hands and walk.
The smile on your face as I lean over for a kiss.
The way you touch me, as I look in your eyes, like this.
Is it a dream, or is all of this true?
If this is how it feels, then I would say I LOVE YOU

If I…

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If you catch my eye

It’s not because you’re an angel

It’s because you appeal to me

If I walk up to you,

It’s not because you have power to pull me

It’s because I had the confidence to walk up to you

If I choose to start up a chat with you,

It’s not because I noticed the flirt in you!

It is because I am a poet thus…

If I hit the point right in your face

It’s not because I am like other guys

It is because, I didn’t want to be a loser -wuss

If I lay back after your usual, “I am not ready for a relationship.”

It’s not because I am weak and incompetent.

It’s because you, should know what you want to

If I decide to take your digits,

It’s not because I am being like ex

It’s because I want to have you forget the heartbreak

And I cling to you day after day,

It’s not because I am clingy

It is because I am a man; your kind says I have to keep on the run.

And if after that all, I am trying to keep you,

It is not because I am trying to play married. It is because I have learnt to treasure you thus…

Sesquipedalian Fool

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*sigh* heavy, in deep remorse.
I made the worst mistake I can
A word too long. Emotions strong
She’s broken who I am

Eyes roll over in regret
Hands fall to the wooden floor
Just a game (she seems to know)
I made it so much more..

Where are we supposed to stand
You can’t stand how I behave
Wait ’till I become a man
Then push me into my grave

Heroes In Love

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I’m just few steps away
I’m sure abt that, there’s no doubt
I have got plenty to say
But my words aint coming out
My body is crippled by emotions
I’m being overtaken by devotion

I’m calling out my heroes
Without her my life
is nothing but a sequence of Zeros

Molly tell me where is she
Along by her side I need to be
Lonely I have been there
Trying to survive without her

Help me, prevent a crime
Hero please stop the damn time
The clock is ticking
she’s whom I’m missing
Teleport me to her place
I wanna draw a kiss on her face

When we get there it is your turn
Parkman remember what I aim to earn
Tell me what she’s thinking about
Remove it away if she has any doubt
I had never taken her as a fad
Tell her about all my fears I had

After all what I’ve been through
She’s my self-Claire and thats true
No offense sweet “Claire bear”
Her eyes are dazzling
But I can’t not to stare
For my wounds she’s the healer
For my life she’s the feeler

A colorful rainbow of honest feeling
A beating heart logging for hearing
Emma show her real synaesthesia
Dale if you fail, I prefer euthanasia

Memories are your specialty
I’m counting on you Charlie
Remind her of everyplace we went to
Everything we had the chance to do

Where are you Sue?
For once give her your ability
Let her verify my credibility
Nathan, what are you waiting to
take us flying to France?
Lets burn up in romance!

Few seconds of thinking and I realized
My mind isn’t sick, and I’m not paralyzed
I shall, and I must put myself together
Never surrender even it took me forever
She deserves the best of me
Shades of the night won’t stop me
what I want, what I need
lies in my heart at its core
Gather myself, I’m my own hero
That’s how I win love’s war.

A Four Lettered Word

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I thought I found, the one meant for me.
Who knew what we would feel, or what we would see?
The touch of her skin, and the smile that she shows.
As I whisper in her ear and tell her that she glows.
I look in her eyes, then I feel that I’m lost.
I gave all my heart, who knew what it would cause?

I still have my hopes, and all of my dreams.
But nothing ever works, the way that it seems.
I tell myself, every day that goes by.
Tell myself it’ll work, just give it a try.
It is said all the time, but rarely is it heard.
Love is just another, four letter word.