Apocalypse of the Heart

Apocalypse of the Heart 3.00/5 (60.00%) 2 votes

It’s that time that we all fear
The Apocalypse is now drawing near
Please my love come with me on a ride
Please my love run away with me and we shall hide
The end of our world has just begun
Our universe like a thread has become undone
Let us not ever forget our past
Let us survive on in ……

You Are

You Are 4.33/5 (86.67%) 6 votes

You are the twinkle in my eyes.

The joy inside my heart,

The glow upon my face.

and the tears when we’re apart.


You are the smile upon my lips

with each kiss, fresh and new.

You are My knees that bend in prayer

when I thank God for you.


You are the music to my ……

Love Like Flowers

Love Like Flowers 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Our love was like the flowers
I held on our wedding day.
Beautiful  and wonderful.
Perfect in every way
At first they were so lovely
but in time began to die,
and as each petal slowly fell
I began to cry.
Our love was like the flowers
I held on our wedding day.
Once beautiful and wonderful.
Now dried up, and ……

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand 3.00/5 (60.00%) 4 votes

Hand in hand we’ll walk together

throughout this earthly life,

and find joy in every footstep

that we take as man and wife.


We’ll take time to smell the roses

as we journey side by side.

Our love will be our strength

and our God will be our guide.


We’ll climb each ……

Sleep Sweet

Sleep Sweet 2.50/5 (50.00%) 2 votes

Day after day, Night after night
I leave you a written note
Something that’s easy to write
It says that I’ll hold you tight

No distance can change the fact
That our hug will turn into time to cuddle
Yet perhaps with a little tact
You and i can become compact

Remember to sleep sweet
My darling lady love
For in your dreams,
we will ……

Never Enough

Never Enough 4.00/5 (80.00%) 5 votes

I closed my eyes and went to what
I thought was sleeping
I had a pretty vision for a while
I thought I was dreaming
I opened my eyes to the best reality
A dream can close to
I reached my arms to touch
The best of a spectrum, YOU!
I prayed for the lord thankfully
For making my dream a reality

Nobody’s is ……

Goodnight: Here’s Some Affection

Goodnight: Here’s Some Affection 4.17/5 (83.33%) 6 votes

I think i’m lucky that I’ve found you,
The closest thing to perfection.
Day by day my happiness grew,
So here’s a token of my affection.

Nothing but letters and words,
Coming deep from my heart.
Sure, I may not be playing it smart
Because, here and now –
we’re just at the start.

I say you’re my friend,
But I seem to be ……


Torn 4.43/5 (88.57%) 7 votes

I used to think being alone was the worst thing,
but honestly its having some one and still feeling alone.

Ive given my heart away
hoping we would marry someday
but now things seem so dull and grey

i love her with all my heart
but she loves me with all of her imagination
confused, her heart cant decide
if its better ……

Looking for a Girl

Looking for a Girl 3.80/5 (76.00%) 5 votes

I look for a girl who sees me for me,
who when im sad wont let me be,
a girl who i she will cherish,
and her love will never perish,
a girl who will always forgive,
and with me she will always live.
I need a girl who will cling,
and when i need her to she will sing,
whether with ……

Lost and Alone

Lost and Alone 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

I am an observer,
a watcher.
i look for that girl,
even when my head starts to swirl.
my heart yearns for love,
and angels curse me from above.
all i want is someone,
and all i have is no one.
I want some one to hold,
and some one with which i can grow old.
i long for the one’s embrace,
and the beautiful ……

Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy 4.83/5 (96.67%) 6 votes

Had you ever asked yourself why
Do we cry when we’re in pain
And rare are the moments when
We cry for something happy
Had you ever thought it’s the same
When our feelings are true
There’s nothing we can do
Happiness will make us cry then

My love for you makes me cry
Every time that I miss you I cry
Your love ……

Be My Everything

Be My Everything 4.43/5 (88.57%) 7 votes

Just over a month ago
You brought me back to life
I erased my past and let it go
And forgot about all the strife
Just like an angel from heaven
You gave my life its meaning
And became a sun upon my days
And you lit my path and ways
You ignited again my feelings
And became the moon of my nights
And ……

I’ll be Waiting

I’ll be Waiting 3.50/5 (70.00%) 6 votes

I was walking through life one day, when along came you, I didn’t know it at the time, but within you, all my dreams could come true!

You had come into my life, for what I thought would be brief, but now were here, side-by-side, all to my disbelief…

Such a tall, attractive man, with such ……

Emotionally Attractive

Emotionally Attractive 3.50/5 (70.00%) 4 votes

We are pushing through the waves together
This back and fourth kind of weather
Being in your arms forever
I Couldn’t ask for more
Your loving smile
You caring skin
Your sweet brown eyes
Your tender kiss
All this things just make me weak
In your arms, I’m forever free
Your sweet touch ,
Your soft ways,
I feel safe in every way
You’re my light
You’re my ……

Three Questions

Three Questions 3.75/5 (75.00%) 8 votes

Usually I think what have I done to deserve this pain
It feels like something is running within my veins
It’s something intangible
It’s something valuable
I’ve heard once that pain can become addictive
I remember laughing once I’ve heard that adjective
It’s something logical
It’s something valuable
Of course I do not mean pain in it definable meanings
Best things in life ……