It’s the One Person I Love

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There’s family and riches,
there’s money and fame.
but for all you horrid bitches,
this is no game.

The ones who cheat,
the ones who lie.
are the ones who will be beat
and will surely die.

Love is not as rare
as people say,
but it’s people who are madly in love
that make my day.

People claim
they adore someone,
but when they are gone
they are merely lame.

It’s the one person I love that moved away
left me here until one day,
when will I see him again? nobody knows
just keep thinking of him as I put on the shows.

Love him, hate him
it’s all the same
but it’s the one person
I’ll never forget, forgive or reclaim.

Because I think of Him

Apocalypse of the Heart

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It’s that time that we all fear
The Apocalypse is now drawing near
Please my love come with me on a ride
Please my love run away with me and we shall hide
The end of our world has just begun
Our universe like a thread has become undone
Let us not ever forget our past
Let us survive on in the ashes of aftermath
While our world is consumed by war
Rivers, valleys, forests, dried up and burned they are no more
So my love stay close, come and follow
So my love, we escape to a better tomorrow
Together hand in hand we embrace the coming dawn
For us to be free from being the devils pawn
The world is covered in a foggy blanket of death
The world is to suffocate, to gasp its last breath
Oh my love don’t fly into this gravity
Hold on to me, and keep our dying sanity
It’s true that this will leave us scarred
I know, our world, our life is tattered and marred
That dark deadly light that blinded and shone
Minds exposed, we to ever live in the Radioactive zone
Our withered bodies breakable as sandcastle
Our hearts will shatter and crack, they are so fragile
My love try to ignore this most painful fright
Together escape to the promising shadows of night
So please let us share our love and let try to pretend
As if we really do not know,
That this our most tragic end

You Are

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You are the twinkle in my eyes.

The joy inside my heart,

The glow upon my face.

and the tears when we’re apart.


You are the smile upon my lips

with each kiss, fresh and new.

You are My knees that bend in prayer

when I thank God for you.


You are the music to my ears.

I’m captured by your charms.

My head thinks it’s in heaven

when I hold you in my arms.


You are the dancing in my feet

when I am next to you.

You are the essence of my dreams,

and you’ve made them all come true.


You are the very air I breathe,

and reason for my being.

Every part of me agrees…

You are my everything!


I love you .

Love Like Flowers

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Our love was like the flowers
I held on our wedding day.
Beautiful  and wonderful.
Perfect in every way
At first they were so lovely
but in time began to die,
and as each petal slowly fell
I began to cry.
Our love was like the flowers
I held on our wedding day.
Once beautiful and wonderful.
Now dried up, and gone away.

Hand In Hand

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Hand in hand we’ll walk together

throughout this earthly life,

and find joy in every footstep

that we take as man and wife.


We’ll take time to smell the roses

as we journey side by side.

Our love will be our strength

and our God will be our guide.


We’ll climb each hill along the way

and every one we’ll conquer,

knowing that life’s challenges

will make our love grow stronger.


Then when our journey’s ended,

we’ll rejoice in God’s great plan

as we walk the streets of heaven

together… Hand In Hand.


Ron Tranmer

Sleep Sweet

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Day after day, Night after night
I leave you a written note
Something that’s easy to write
It says that I’ll hold you tight

No distance can change the fact
That our hug will turn into time to cuddle
Yet perhaps with a little tact
You and i can become compact

Remember to sleep sweet
My darling lady love
For in your dreams,
we will meet
And that will be quite the treat

So let’s close our eyes
And get some rest
For tomorrow we will rise
And maybe get a prize.

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