Lonely One Life

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Lonely One Life
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Walking by a cardboard shelter,
you hear a quiet plea’
bothered and in a rush, you ignore him’
and continue walking.
He’s homeless and continues searching the floor for scraps,
he’s helpless and continues searching the sky for hopes.
Sure he might take your coins,
to buy drugs and alcohol,
…..but only if it numbs the pain
…..and if only for a second.
He didn’t choose this life
Im sure you’ve made mistakes too,
But it’s too late to change it now,
he’s too far to go back anyhow.
While you worry about rush hour traffic,
he worries about surviving the night,
and while you cry over a spill on your new suit,
he cries when thinking about his family,
….his father who passed away
….his alcoholic mom who disowned him long ago.
His lonely eyes fill with tears,
as the heroin addiction takes hold once again.
One thing you both have in common,
you both have one life to live,
no where to turn
no way to go back
no one to love
nothing to hope for
…..One life.

What Do We Follow???

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What Do We Follow???
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How can one get by, the thoughts in their mind?
Everybody tells me, “You just need to give it time”.
What if the time, it takes, is too long?
How can you tell, if this is where you belong?
My mind tells me to just, turn and walk away.
At the same time my heart, tells me I should stay.
Which one do I listen to, and which one is right?
I feel that I shouldn’t have this much of a fight.
If I listen to my mind, then I lose them all.
If I listen to my heart, how much farther can I fall?
If everything that I do, just drags things along.
Again I just end up, being all alone.

Messed Up Fathers Day

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Messed Up Fathers Day
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The day that goes to show you,
How much you mean.
The day that I wish,
I would have never seen.

The actions speak,
Much louder than words.
It really goes to show me,
What I am actually worth.

The ones that would have mattered,
To just call and say hi.
Didn’t even turn their heads,
When I tried to say good bye.

I guess that it’s okay,
I’m just another guy.
I’m sure that’s how it looks,
When I see it with their eyes.

What they don’t understand,
Is I WISH I would have known.
Then maybe all through life,
It wouldn’t have felt so alone.

So my life has all been,
Mistakes that I’ve made.
I’d made the wrong choices,
Now the price is being paid.

It makes my world dark,
There’s nothing to see.
There is only one thing left there,
All alone it’s just me.

Then I sit by myself,
With nothing more to say.
I put the gun to my head,

The Old Lady

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The Old Lady
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The Old Lady

In a building across the street,
She sits by the window,
Day in, day out
Always by her lonesome self,
She waves at people
As they walk by,
Whether they see her or not.
She waves at me,
I smile
And wave,
She smiles back at me
I wasn’t fooled
Beneath her façade
Was one of
The saddest smiles
I’ve ever seen

What Did You See?

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What Did You See?
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Some people try to tell me, to let myself be free.
They say look in the mirror, it will show you what should be.
So I look in the mirror and what do I see?
Nothing, the only thing there, is me.
Maybe i was meant to be, all alone and nothing more.
Or i am just a f*cking mistake, that people just feel for?
I sit in a room full of people, and I feel its only me .
Nobody knows how i feel, only the things they see.
So i keep to myself, and never share at all.
Then nobody will ever know, what it was they saw.