Alone In The Dark

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Alone In The Dark
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Alone in the dark, my knees to my chest.
Hiding in the corner, maybe for the best.
Rocking back and forth, thoughts racing through my head.
Who knew this is the way, my life would be instead.
Mistakes that I made, are catching up to me.
Nobody has a clue, what it is that they see.
They look as if I’m human, which is what they see outside.
Nobody sees the empty soul, where all the demons hide.
They look in my eyes, and everyone turns away.
I am the one that all will fear, and no one wants to stay.
So this is why I sit alone, by myself in the dark.
Then no one has to fear, what took over my heart.

Forget to Remember

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Forget to Remember
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Nobody understands, the things I feel inside.
So I stay quiet to myself, or just run away and hide.

My world has become dark, and I never say a word.
Everybody looks at me, as if my voice was heard.

The world has become nothing, there’s no light ahead.
I feel as if I have not seen, the last tear drop to shed.

I try to forget the feelings, that I felt in my heart.
This is why I should have, just stopped from the start.

Now the memories that I have, will never go away.
I need to forget to remember, each and every day.

Alone is where I stand, I have no family or friend.
I don’t know if I can take this, I want it all to end.

I am never heard, like there is nothing for a sound.
I then feel the loneliness, as if nobody wants me around.

Just Turn Away

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Just Turn Away
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I walk alone,
along the streets at night.
just think to myself,
about all of my life.
mistakes that I’ve made,
or caused to be.
all the hurt people,
the tears that you’d see.
a bad habit is what I am,
one where you can’t say no.
I will make your life a misery,
and you can’t let go.
so if I walk by,
just turn your head away.
because if you don’t,
you won’t like the price you pay.

I walk alone along the streets at night

Why are you lonely

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Why are you lonely
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Why are you lonely?
Perhaps because you’re friendless
Perhaps because you’re peerless
A beautiful person’s heart is lonely
An excellent person’s soul is lonely
The reason is that they’re matchless
The sun is lonely
The moon is lonely
The stars are countless

Chronic loneliness is unbearable
To be less lonely
Weak people seek dependence
Strong people seek transcendence
Start from the same point end in different resolutions
One is lost in emptiness
One is found in remoteness

One would rather be meaningless than live with loneliness
Because for him loneliness is meaningless
One would rather be lonely than be meaningless
Because life is meaningful and loneliness is merely aloneness
One would not idle away though mateless
While the other would, when for him life is tasteless

Ms Lonely

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Ms Lonely
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Ms Lonely…
IS it me or is that the way my life should be?
Am I born to always be sad,
feeling like that is my destination, my voice?
Im here in this room on my own;
the only company I have is a radio playing my funeral.
Don’t know why Im feeling so empty…
Feeling so lonely,
Im in a house, it’s just like Im homeless…
Lonely like a rock in the sun…
Ms Lonely….
Deserve better than this,
but I know I will forget about all this on time.
Where are those who used to say I love you?
Those who said I’ll be there?
Why they have to be such liars…
Am I too late? Or were you in advance?
Ms Lonely….
MY life is like a nightmare, a sorrow.
That hurts so bad when you know you are all alone.
Emptiness is a part of life.
That is not complaining but lament.
But no need for that they don’t have ears…
don’t have eyes… heart? mmmmmmmmmmh!!!!!!
No need for that…
I have my room, my walls.
I’ll cry to them, talk to them,
because they better than them… people.
I will be maybe always alone