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Reality has found me and has spurned me to a place.

I’ve seen the grass around my feet and walked beneath these trees,

The path I took so long ago, still comforts me serenely

It wipes away my teary eyes with gentle winter breeze.


Alone amongst the hills it stays, it waits until I stumble.

Loyal to my emotions, it shows me how to breathe

It calms me down and picks me up. It helps me on my way

A wave goodbye until I turn away so it can grieve.


The leaves turn brown in august as its mind begins to wander,

“A slow return?”, “A lost memory?” Generous conclusions,

Never asking, never taking – only lives to serve.

I use its naïve outlook for my own problem’s solutions…


I feel so lost in scenery when I approach this place,

My eyes well up as usual like melancholy’s lens.

I run to find a pseudo sanctuary just like this.

But heaven couldn’t make another place like that again…

Don’t Wait

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Don’t Wait
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Alone and quiet, dark and cold.
Empty and hollow, lonely and old.
I feel as if the road never ends.
Once it does, I smile again.

I live in misery, every day and night.
I try to forget, but it’s vivid and bright.
What can be done, to make this go away?
If not, we live in shame, every single day.

When my eyes close, I see it all again.
This will follow me, until the end.
To know what I lost, because of my choice.
The things that I miss, the sounds and the voice.

Now that it started falling apart.
I quit even trying, I know it’s my fault.
I have learned, to walk alone.
It is very, lonely and long.

This is one thing, I will never forgive.
I don’t think anybody, like this should live.
If you want it, then don’t wait.
Because when you do, it could be too late.

A Cry From The Wilderness

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A Cry From The Wilderness
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A voice cries from the wilderness
Searching to find a friend
Someone they hope will care about
Their life until its end
I think we all are searching for
Someone to understand
To share all of life’s good and bad
In a dark, hostile land
A lonely soul, lost in the night
Who can no longer hide
The hurt I think we all have felt
Living life terrified
I hear the cry as it rings out
I know its haunting tone
The feeling from behind the voice
Of being all alone
The fear, the hopes, the hurt inside
Too many times to tell
I’ve heard it come from the darkness
I know it all too well
I recognize from deep inside
I know the fear it brings
I start to answer as the cry
Again from pitch black rings
It makes the hair on my neck stand
It cuts me to the bone
How can someone survive out there
With no love to be shown
 A desperate cry from darkness comes
Another soul in pain
It reaches to my very core
As the echoes remain
Does no one hear the cry ring out
Is anybody there
To lend a hand to this poor soul
Does anybody care
Has life became so damn complex
That everyone today
Lives just for Self, has everyone’s
Compassion lost its way
I call out now to find the voice
Yet no answer is heard
An eerie silence fills my ears
My very soul is stirred
What is wrong with humanity
How can we let this be
I hear the cry and realize…
It comes from…within…me

I Am Lonely

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I Am Lonely
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I feel sorrow.
I am sad.
Where I stand is dark and damp.
It is as dark as a basement or attic.
I cry, but no tears fall.
I smile and my frown is not seen.
I can’t help being mean.
I am alone.
I am lost.
I feel like an old item with an old cost.
I feel sorrow.
I am sad.
Why can’t I stand up straight?
Why do I have to be so mad?!

I look back and remember

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I look back and remember
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I look back every day and remember you

I look back at the past and how I was

I see how much I have changed

And I see that some of the changes are good and some of them are bad


I look back and remember you like it was just now ago

I remember your face, your brown eyes and black hair

I remember all the times we did spend together

The laughs we had and a fight or two


I see us in each others arms and I can feel your lips touching mine

Quench my body’s thirst and heal my hearts pain

I can not go on to live my life in this sorrow

I am falling down deeper into this black hole

I don’t know how to stand up and crawl back up

I need you in my life by my side not only now but forever more

Love is Lonely

I miss you more each day and I can not forget you

I don’t want to because my heart belongs to you alone

Since that day I know no happiness and I feel nothing else

But this lonely feeling I have inside of me crying your name desperately


I am nothing but an empty, lost, lonely and sad soul

Wondering the days alone

Hoping, wishing that one day we will cross each others paths again