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Holding time for so long
Not realizing i was wrong
I can’t keep on holding on
‘Cause it’s already lost and gone

I’m alone
but not really alone
perfect life with no pain
is a life you cannot gain

I look at the city lights
and saw a colorful sight
different from what i feel
a feeling i cannot deal

I renegade everything

I’m in agony
‘Cause i feel like i have been into a tragedy
I refuse to admit my wrong
Or else i cannot get along

It confuses my life
Even how hard i strive
My pain won’t go away
Instead it prefers to stay

I’m depress
’cause they say I’m a mess
if i can do something to ease the pain
I’ll sacrifice my fame

Way Out

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Way Out
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Nobody cares.

So many are complaining

That nobody is listening.

I have to take care of myself here.


I am floating in the darkness.

Am I floating face up?

Or face down?

Which way is left?

Which way right?


I don’t care

As long as I am floating.

It means I am not lying

At the bottom of despair.


Now if i could only find

A point of light afar

Like a distant star,

I could orient myself

And find my way out

Of the darkness.

A peaceful nightmare

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A peaceful nightmare
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Tonight bares no regrets

least that’s what i said before i left

To the vast open space where not a soul cared

A lonely soul sitting, waiting….waiting for what

Holding back tears, on a bench so scared

Wondering if its my time now, am i really prepared

A silent smirk twisted the night as the full moon blazed

whose shadow is that? am i going to be alright.

I began walking faster, heart beating like never before

but the foot steps grew louder and louder, I couldn’t ignore

I turned around and there she was gazing into my soul

her eyes so heartless, Malicious and cold

She walked closer to me as i fell to the ground and shake

I closed my eyes with full force wishing this was all a dream when i felt something touch my lips

It was a kiss, As she whispered in my ear her name

Risa Death wish

My eyes eased open wanting to tell her mine

but the lights of tomorrow began to shine…

Step By Step

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Step By Step
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All my time

Today, tomorrow and days after

For a solution

For an absolution

From this pain.

Why is everything

Not working?

Why do I feel like sleeping

In the middle of the day,

Every day?

Why is everything insurmountable?

When did life become so uncomfortable?

Every step

A belabored step.


I will just be,

And meditate

Between my steps.