Time Ticks Slow

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Time Ticks Slow
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Alone & Quiet…Dark & Cold….Empty & Hollow….hopes to re-mold…

I live in misery, every day & night…I try to forget it, but it’s so vivid & bright…

What can be done, to make this go away? I continue to ask this, at night when I pray…

When my eyes close, I see it all again…temptations will follow me, right to the end…

Now it’s all starting, to fall apart…As I gather the pieces, I hope to re-start…

As I am now, my lonely voice cries out for a friend, someone who will hope for me & care till the end…

I’m learning to share life’s good & bad’s, but I’m noticing my choices are leaving me sad

My voice cries out, it has a haunted tone, this is what it sounds like to be all alone…

A desperate cry from darkness, another soul is in pain, holding back my emotions, I’m finding it harder to restrain…

I’ll search through these illusions, heart full of wear & tear, I’ll try to keep my chin up, even though I’m in despair…

Alone by Kanashi

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Alone by Kanashi
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I fall and fall the the waters swell

and see at its bottom hells gates closed to me

as i look up to see heaven gaze down on me in pity

i know that i will burn out side the gates

unwanted by all because of their hate

i am alone in this void of sorrow and pain

where all abandon me for a worst fate

and all despise me because they didn’t understand

and none reach out to grab my hand

as i fall to the depths once again

i know I’m alone in this world despised

because i am not right in anyone’s eyes

Solace of Emptiness

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Solace of Emptiness
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Back to old room…

Quiet and so cold room…

Voices whisper as wind blows in…

Darkness seeps as sun goes thin…

Feels like being captive with open chains…

Trying to ransom all lost in vain…

Shadows are trying to have reasons…

Their casters loses to lies and treasons…

Pushes me out against my will…

Angels and demons guarding emptiness that kills…

Disappearing Thoughts

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Disappearing Thoughts
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It is a new kind of thought

One that disappears.

It was here

Clear as a person

And now it has disappeared

With no trace whatsoever.

Not even a memory

Of the kind of thought it was

Or about what it was.

A most impressive

Disappearing act,

I wish former lovers

Could be like that.


Lonely Phone

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Lonely Phone
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My phone is so lonely

I am fine clearly

But my phone

Feels quite alone.

It hasn’t rung in a while

It feels lonesome meanwhile.

I like the silence

But my phone resents the absence

Of sound

In the foreground.

It hangs there on the wall

Sending me dirty looks like catcalls

Saying to me why don’t you yak

With someone that will call you back?

What’s a phone that doesn’t sing

With a nice melodious ring?