Does Anyone See Him?

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Does Anyone See Him?
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does no one see him?
does no one notice him sitting alone?
or ever wonder why hes not socially grown?
of course not.
why would any one notice or care?
that hes beaten and bare,
its not like any one else matters.
cause every one else is just a splatter,
to them if its not hot and its not them then its nothing.
its pretty sad when no one cares about any one but themselves.
they act like itll kill them to believe in something,
or to show something other than hate,
to the ones that sit around,
with their hearts broke and their heads down.
the reason they cant look at them,
or wish they would just go and die all alone,
is because they are them.
they took all their pain and suffering and stored it all away,
took what was left and made a mask.
so now they judge any one who is gay,
instead of taken a swig from their flask,
the flask of pride,
and admitting that they could only wish to be that happy.
they are just trapped in their own mind,
walking the world blind,
walking a fine line,

Into a Dream

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Into a Dream
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Awake I lay wishing I could dream
but sleep I cannot find.
in my dreams I find what I search for,
in my dreams what I seek is with in reach.
I stare at that which I desire,
and blue eyes stare back.
I extend my hand and she took it in hers,
as she stepped closer the more clearly I could see her,
till we were standing face to face.

My dream is but only a dream,
having no bearing on reality I slowly drifts away,
never to be real,
never to see the light of day.
every night my dream fades,
fades into the darkness,
into the nightmares.

Love is a fantasy.
a childs fairytale,
a hymn to sooth us and give us hope.
but truth is a double edged sword,
just as quickly as it cuts the sin from the world,
it’ll strike down the unsuspecting.

Alone by SadEyes

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Alone by SadEyes
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I’m not like you

I will never be what you want

I try and try

I can only sit here, alone

I just can’t be that perfect person

I wish I could be but I’m not

What could I do to make society love me?

How sad that I will always feel this way

How sad that I crave attention

From people that don’t even care about anyone

This world isn’t for me

I’m not you

I can’t be

Why do I care so much about what others think of me?

I hate it

Hate that I give a sh*t

I hate the feeling of being alone

All because I’m not you

How Can I……?

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How Can I……?
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i dont know for how long
for how long i will live
a life without you…
i cant find anything that fills
the space which you left in my life
i had only a few moments with you together
but you cant even guess how much it means to me
sometimes all times i wish if again
in my life i get that day with you
i would never let you go without me
each time i remember that day i feel you
i feel you soo closer..
that time my heart beats faster
so faster that i could hear it in my ears
it brings a smile on my face
the very next second my eyes get wet
i feel a pain in my throat..
where have you left me alone..
how could you …..
how can i…?????

Poisoned Memory

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Poisoned Memory
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Poisoned Memory
This aching throbbing deadly pain
Keeps running coursing through my vein
Its spreading deeper to my core
Suffocating my life’s no more
It’s breaking down my mental wall
Slowly dying you mock my fall
I can’t get rid of this parasite
I am loosing this perilous fight
This venoms purpose is to kill
Make me weak, make me ill
I feel it sucking all my power
My heart is spoiling, starting to sour
The Darkness is spreading to my soul
Nothing can help me, make me whole
I shriek and scream but no one listens
Voices whisper laugh good riddance
Vanished gone’s my will to live
There’s no more strength for me to give
My hand retracts from the antidote
Letter of goodbye is the last I wrote
Red liquid drip drip drops to the floor
I feel my back slide down the door
Slowly my life is draining …ebbing
Gently I feel myself descending
No longer to be cold and lonely
I feel the Darkness come to console me
A Secret hidden in my final breath
With arms stretched open I welcome Death
My Heart, my Soul, they’re finally free
From  your poisoned memory