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The way that I feel, as I sit all alone.
Is the one kind of feeling that I try not to show.
Should I say what I feel or keep to myself?
Being quiet would be better, because talking doesn’t help.
As I think to myself, what should I do?
Several feelings cross my heart, but which one is true?
I think that I’ve learned not to follow my heart.
The more that I feel, we get farther apart.
I feel that my heart gets colder by day.
I try to fight it, but I get pushed away.
Even when I try, nothing feels fine.
Why should I try, it just wastes my time.
My heart feels jaded cuz I feel so much pain.
But I get these feelings that I can’t explain.
They say that it’s love, but who really knows?
What is love, and how does it show?
It can make you smile, at times that are good.
It can make you do things you thought you never would.
How can we tell if love is really true?
Nobody can, it’s all up to you.
But even when you try, and get nothing in return.
It makes you feel that you have a lot to learn.
Is it really worth all the time you blow.
When you try and try, but feel all alone.
Nobody understands my feelings that I feel.
They say it’ll be okay, but I don’t think it will.
My perspective doesn’t matter to anybody else.
I guess that’s okay, so I keep it to myself.
I hoped there was a chance for things to work out.
But guess I was wrong, I should have no doubt.
So I’ll be alone for all eternity.
Maybe it’s better for all of you and me.
If this is how it feels for everything above.
I just want to say “I can’t do it, FUCK LOVE”

Life is a dream

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Life is a dream
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Life is not all, that it’s supposed to seem.
It feels like it’s just, a big shattered dream.
Times can get hard, and feel pretty rough.
You ever get that feeling, that you’re not enough?
You try to give in, and cover from all ends.
That is when you find out, if anyone is your friend.
Being alone is, always better without doubt.
Just quit trying, because nothing will work out.
Face all the facts, that have been proven to show.
You’re meant to be alone, so just let it all go.
Being part of their life, is what nobody can see.
So just accept it, and leave everyone to be.
Why make them suffer, whatever you do is not right.
Wish them the best, and let them live their life.

My Love is Lonely

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My Love is Lonely
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It feels I’m drowning in the sea
Because of the truth that lies inside of me
I tried to sleep in my bed
But I just can’t remove it inside of my head
I look up in the sky
Thinking how the way you lie
Thinking why you did this to me
Cause it gives me pain and agony
I prayed to the Lord
That I can forget that painful word
And hoping I can find the reason
Why I loved the wrong person
I wish I can find the answer
On how I became such a loser
I guess there is no right girl for me
And all I know my love is lonely

See you next week

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See you next week
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Hurt, pain, disappointment and grief.
One family reunion I often have to meet.
We sit and chat, stare and loath
all of this happened when I lost control.
Love is gone has passed my way.
Looking back from the past I wish the future would stay.
Misery and loneliness cousins of despair.
Around this table we meet again and share.
They know me and I know them.
We converse awhile as the voice within.
Awakens my spirit to what can be.
I finally stant this meeting I must flee.
See you next week.
Same time same coffee house.
This time bring a friend.