Love is Lonely

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Love is Lonely
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When you kiss me goodbye as we’re ending our night
love is lonely
when I call and call with no answer
love is lonely
when you say the words but don’t know if you mean it
love is lonely
when I see her holding your hand
love is lonely
when I cry late at night because you’ve left me broken
love is lonely

Inside I feel alone

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Inside I feel alone
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The tears they flow
Hidden from the world that they don’t know
They see me smiling happily laughing at their jokes
And joking about their sarcasm
Hidden from them that they don’t know
My tears My loneliness My pain My fear
Hidden from them
They don’t know
How I feel inside
So alone
But I do not show
They do not care
So my fake smile
Is me…for them


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I can’t take this hate,
pain, heartache, and
I want to show who I really am.
Instead I pretend to be happy
even if I’m not.
I’m numbing the pain just to hide it
to everyone.
I feel so much hate Everyday I live
Hate Me!
No one ask
No one care
No one try to comfort me
I just can’t stand it
I can’t take the pain no more
Im sick of being hated by everyone
Im sick of pretending
I cannot live inside the box anymore
I need to escape this pity world where I live.
Can I ? Can I ?
But how??!!!