It was because of you

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It was because of you
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It was because of you,
I woke up terrified to go to school.
It was because of you,
I never said anything out of line.
It was because of you,
I never had a real friend.
It was because of you,
I never knew my true self.
It was because of you,
I thought I was alone.
It was because of you,
I thought every day I was worthless.
It was because of you,
I’m barely alive.

Why am I so lonely

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Why am I so lonely
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I really don’t know why I’m lonely
I try to be myself but I act like someone else
I don’t know who I am anymore
there’s the whole world spinning around me
and people think I’m weird when I say hi at this world
because of that I get made fun of
people all around me think I’m gay
im not gay I like girls not boys
and yet people are calling me names
but again this is the messed up world we have to live in

My worst Nightmare

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My worst Nightmare
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Felt damage
I could never manage
Everything has shuttered into pieces
The world has died has died out
Everyone that matters had passed
All alone
in the corner
I awoke!
the nightmare
My worst Nightmare
all in my care
but nothing to dry away my tears
only left with my own fears
of Nightmare

Not Alone

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Not Alone
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I am alone here in the shadows
I may not be liked,
I may not be dead,
But I am here in this world.
I maybe small
But that doesn’t stop me.
I’m here for a reason
We may be here for a reason
No need to doubt ourselves
No need to feel worthless
We all live for a reason
So don’t say you don’t feel needed in this world.
‘Cause someone’s out there that sees us
He loves us with all his heart
And He’s there to help us.
When we are alone,
Make sure to know that we are not alone
‘Cause He is there,
But it’s just a matter of fact that we don’t see him.
We may not live in a world that we love
But our hearts loved what we cared
So don’t throw that away
For we may not ever seek it again
And we are there for one another
Even when we are alone
To be sure that you’re not the one who feels left out
There are others that feel the same pain.
When we all walk the same path
Someday our life will be better
For God’s love is there to save us.