D r i f t i n g

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D r i f t i n g
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I feel like we’re drifting.

Like you aren’t even listening.

I feel like it’s impossible.

Like our relationship is toss-able.

I feel like you don’t care.

Like what was, isn’t there.

I feel like we’re drifting.

Our relationship is shifting.

I feel so alone.

Don’t tell me we’re done.

I… feel… like… we’re… drifting.



I have been lonely

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I have been lonely
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I’ve been lonely for a long time
And I can’t remember when
I ever had a feeling
That lasted till no end
I’ve had a miserable life
With memories that haunt me
I’ve been the one in all the jokes and pranks
I’ve been in and out of groups
Trying to find myself
But everywhere I turn
There’s always someone there to point me out
Im the one everybody laughs at
The girl that looks like a guy
But no one really knows me for me
Walking side by side
I think you actually see
What’s behind my smile
But I guess it’s just my fantasy
‘Cause when you look at me
I can’t help but feel
That something’s gonna go wrong
And when you walk past me
To go to her
I just wanna crouch down and cry
I can’t help but feel this way
And I can’t get you out of my mind
I know we’ll never be
And who I am you’ll never find
You say your too good for me
So you just walk away
I wanna stop you
But there’s nothing I can say
You’re not the first
And you’re not the last
To humiliate me in the open
And walk away just as fast
My heart may be deceived
But my brain is still here
It says to face my fears
And be with people that actually care
And that you’ll never be there

Nobody Knows

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Nobody Knows
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I’m lost in the crowd
With nowhere to go
Some days are dreary
And I just want it to storm
People say things behind my back
People say things to my face
Whether it’s nice
Whether it’s mean
People just say it so they can feel free
People judge me for who I am
What I do
And what I say
But I’m my own person
And I am nobody’s slave
Sometimes at night
I go sit outside
And look up at the stars
And think why oh why
Why do bad things happen to me
Why does everything end in misery
Im two different people
But nobody will ever know
Because I wear a mask
But it doesn’t show
When I talk
Nobody can hear
When I walk
Nobody can see
Nobody knows the real me
Nobody wants to find the key

ATTENTION BULLIES! This is how you make me feel.

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ATTENTION BULLIES! This is how you make me feel.
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Leave me alone.
I don’t deserve attention.
I’m a nobody.
Alone, forget me.
So, why do I get weird looks?
If I just don’t belong.
If I’m not worth the trouble.
If I’m really just a nobody.
Can’t you tell I’m hiding?
From you?
Tease, hate me.
Do you hate me?
Do you wish I was dead?
Because I do.