This lonely heart of mine

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This lonely heart of mine
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Fallen star

Lightning star

Show me the love

I was supposed to have

For I got nothing

I didn’t deserve it in life

I wonder what I did to get this distance


As I travel in life

To find why I lost it

My tears will never dry

For this lonely heart of mine

Walking in the dark

I am so blind

For I can’t find my way

In search of the light


I stand on this line

In daze as a ghost

Walking to nowhere

‘Til I find my way

In dark of my soul

I’ll be crying

Along with my heart

As I walk this path


My hands are all shaken

My body goes numb

My eyes are blind

For my heart is alone

My Angel

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My Angel
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Straying outside the lines
Falling through the seams
My outstretched hand
Clutches air

Where are you
My angel,
Come save me from
The loneliness of life

Darkness oozes all around
As I lose my grip on the world
I know you’re there
So why do you choose to hide?

Show me a sign
that you hear my heart
It longs for you
And nothing more

I cannot believe this reality

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I cannot believe this reality
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I am broken inside I am torn apart
You said you would never leave my side
but now you turned against me
and didn’t even say a proper goodbye
you think you know the truth
but you know not you know not
how I stood up for you to the last blink
I defended you I trusted you
I trusted in our love to make this true
I believed we were strong but it turns out to be a lie
now I know I made myself a fool for you
I took the blame but you couldn’t do the same
I thought what we had was true love
but now I know I stood alone all this time
and I feel like a fool for still not believing reality
for still holding on to that hope in my heart
I feel so stupid for not letting you go
even though your gone I still wait for you in unbelief
because I can’t accept the reality of losing you

Dreaming, Wishing, Hoping

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Dreaming, Wishing, Hoping
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I look up

I see my reflection

I’m not going to give up

Come on

Open up

I don’t want to fail

Give all my strength to believe

I can do it

Just don’t think negative

Please love me

Tell me that I will make it

I give faith

I can accomplish anything

I can make it come true

I won’t stop

I won’t give up

Please give me all your strength

I will see

That one day…

I won’t be alone


Alone I Stand

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Alone I Stand
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Free of life

Free of lies

Free of pain

Free of everything

But it’s just a dream I always  wish

No one to see me

No one knows

No one matters

As I cry alone silently

Leaving myself in the darkness

In the world that’s cold

Giving up hope

Dreaming on and on

I can’t do it

I’m just a failure

No one cares

My path will be like this

Please just leave me alone

No one needs to know anything

I cry alone

I walk alone

I live alone

I die alone….