Underneath that Tree

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Underneath that Tree
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Beneath the green tree
Lies heaven with color gray
Weeping silence goes astray
For things never meant to see

Speechless tongue, Gripping hands
As you knell faster on the ground
Tears fall slowly without a sound
Losing faith in ones loving arms

Love is lonely often said by many
Poem blossoms even poets disagree
Words softly spoken not always in reality
Vivid memories will haunt you someday

Years may pass even today
To heal those wounds is not easy
As you come across your way
Remember once you prayed
Underneath that old green tree

I can never be the same

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I can never be the same
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I go on to live this life

But I feel so lonely on the inside

I accepted my fate

But I can never be the same


I have a feeling inside that I can not explain

I feel so quiet yet so restless

I don’t know what this feeling represents

Is it heartache or is it pain

Is it peace or is it sadness

I don’t know what it is or what it might be


But I just feel to be left alone

But I also want to live my life


I can’t take this quietness

It is so unexplained


I go on to live my life as I am expected to

I go on to fulfill my duties as I am expected to

I go on to do what others want me to do

I go on to live my life pretending to be happy and alive on the outside

As I try to accept my fate

As I try not to hope


But on the inside I feel so numb so quiet

Light and Dark

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Light and Dark
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Before I used to live in a place that had Light

Where there was no evil and no Darkness

Everything was nice and happy…

Until you entered my life…

You destroyed my happy life…

Now I live in a sad and horrible life

You ruined it…

I live in a place where there is no light at all

Just darkness I can’t see my way out at all

But is there a way out?

I need someone to come rescue me…

Someone came for me once…

Until I talked to someone on the Evil side…

Then that person left…

Now I’m all alone…

I need help…

I don’t want to be in the Darkness…

I want to be in the Light…


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Contagious insanity has found its way to my mind..

Mindless thoughts run through my head..

Is that even possible? It has to be, for it is happening.

I can’t tell reality from dream..

I don’t understand or trust my own feelings anymore.


Can anyone answer this? please?

Is what I’m feeling right now, what I’m writing about, a lie?

More devastating catastrophes keep occurring,  burying themselves in my thoughts.

Never to leave, never to return me to normal.

Who are you to decide what and how I feel?

Why do you make this happen to me?

Who are you?!

I can’t tell, so help me?

Help me find my would-be self again..

For it has disappeared, and I cannot find it.

No matter where I look, it hides from me.

So much confusion, in this world of delusion.

The road out of damnation

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The road out of damnation
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I still walked down the road, still searching for…

you so strong and brilliant, seeming to know where you were going.

I followed that beauty, for as long as I could stay

but you said “I am not your lover.  I can’t show you the way”

Separated and alone we wandered years, still searching for…

you faded and weak, while I was illuminated, because finally I found it…

You tried to follow me out, not recognizing me that day.

I stopped and said, “I am not your lover.  I can’t show you the way”