Get Used to It

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Get Used to It
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People try to live each day, not knowing what they’ll find.
If anybody knew, it would really blow their mind.
To know that they’re alone, from beginning to the end.
Knowing that you are your one and only friend.
Knowing there is nobody to just stand by your side.
Makes you want to say “F*CK IT” and just run away and hide.
But what would one do if they gave away their heart.
Then they try to get it back, but it is all torn apart.
It shatters all their memories, and destroys all their dreams.
Nothing you ever want, will work the way stuff seems.
So what do we do, and where do we go?
If everything we ever want, is never going to show?
Then what does show up, is messing up your head.
Isn’t life just great, I get used to it all instead.


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At times
We’re real
Like these rhymes
So ideal
Going an extra mile
To keep you all smiles
Keeping awake all night
As though it were a right
Just to have a poem interesting
Maybe this could prove us extra caring.
So we say hoping you’re appreciative
Only to find out we’ve been dialing 1-6-4
Man you’ve been messing with a real wh*re!
She’s gone
You’re alone
That’s when you know you were wrong
But it’s too late to hit the gong
She’s been acting drama
Man…you’ve gotten yourself into dilemma.

Just Be, Amazing Me

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Just Be, Amazing Me
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Gathering things under a scope
attaching to a string of hope
after all the time we share
am still searching for that thing
that would push me to the limit
to the moment where i’d dare

countless are the seconds
when they’re being count
thousands are the thoughts
when they’re being found
worthless are the leads
when they’re being in doubt

In my darkest wicked hours
I dream of you fading away
I scream for my fears
I wet my bed of tears
You’re going under my skin
Deep into my soul within

I’m sleeping with wide open eyes
That is what you must not realize
At night I’m sleeping awake
Guarding your presence has turned to be my sake
Just stay, like an angel take me up high
Together forever flying across the sky

When I’m surrounded by friends
My laughters are only pretends
When I’m surrounded by loneliness
My thoughts are made on madness
When I’m surrounded by necessity
My emotions are my only fragility

I would like to tell you now
I would if you only allow
To hear what I feel and how
How much about you I care
How much I want you to be aware

The way you talk
The way you look
The way you smile

You’re the one dazzling me
You’re making me who I’d like to be
You’re the one fascinating me
You’re giving me what I need to, be

With your sensuality amazing me
With your serenity blazing me
Within your wings protect me
Within your arms embrace me

Last wish, with me just BE……..

My Secret

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My Secret
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There is a tiny angel,
Locked away
Within a cage of ribs,
Next to my heart.
She whispers to me,
Sweet Endearments,
Never to leave my side.
I ignore her.
But, she is not angry with me.

There is a tiny angel,
Locked away
Within a cage of ribs,
Next to my heart.
She sings to me,
With a voice,
Of pure sweetness and light.
I drown her,
With rivers of alcohol,
I sting her eyes,
With foul tobacco smoke.
I abuse her.
Yet, she continues her song.

There is a tiny angel,
Locked away
Within a cage of ribs,
Next to my heart.
When the nights are cold,
and dark and lonely
Sometimes, I let her out,
We look at one another.
We both smile.
But, only,
For a little while,
The briefest of time
Then I lock her away again.
She does not protest.

There is a tiny angel,
Locked away
Within a cage of ribs,
Next to my heart.
I must keep her hidden.
Never to utter her name.
For such is what life has made me.
My path already tread.
She is my secret.
And, will remain within me,
Till the end.

Sweet bitter memory

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Sweet bitter memory
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A moment in silence
In a timeless riddle of life
Embracing the coldness of the night
Alone in the crack of dawn
Walking without nothing to own
Should I be thankful?
Should I be grateful?
I feel dead and afraid
For the life you spared
Oh NICA, I must go?
Where no one can follow
You have all the gold
You don’t need me anymore
Heartless, I could no longer adore
A beast without a face
Full of greed and deceit
You always do whatever they told
Even took away my childhood
For once let me go and grow old
But believe me I will not dare to speak
I’ve erased every sweet bitter memory
To hide in wide open with new identity
I wish we could play this like in the movies
But it’s hard to tell without someone to kill
Who played the good and who’s the villain
I’m just a little pawn without a home
And you my queen already have the throne
Dear devil please let me go to heaven
Before my friends burn my skin