My Lonely World

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If you ever came to feel my pain
or drowned for a day in my lonely rain
you would know what it’s like to suffer in my hell

If you listened to the tales I had to tell
you would never again pass judgement on me

You may even understand why sometimes I flee
why I sometimes hide when the road gets rough
or run away when life gets tough

If you spent 60 seconds locked inside my head
you’d understand why life I dread

If you took a minute to feel what I feel
you’d understand that my pain is so real

If you for once, choked on my tears
or had to fight through my fears

If you had to spend a day in my solitude
my nightmares you couldn’t elude
the judgements you first passed would fade away

You would probably hit the ground and pray
to never again see the things that I had seen
to never experience the dreams that I dreamed

Sky writing

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With his finger

Pointing high

He drew the letters

In the sky:

A   –   L   –     O    –     N    –     E

he whispered

As he traced

each letter


he held out his arms

and looked down at his feet

and dreamt of a world

where he longed to retreat


the wind was cold

and his fingers numb

he stood there and waited

for the darkness to come


but this time it didn’t

as he looked back up to see

someone had added

an           N   –     O    –     T


that’s when he saw her

standing over there

not far away

with her finger in the air



a tear fell down

his ice cold cheek

as the girl walked closer

and began to speak


“look up” she said

“and read that through”

And they stood there together

Staring up at the blue

N   –   O   –  T              A  –   L   –   O   –   N   –    E

Sea Of Stones

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Into the blue she tossed a stone

And watched it as it sank.

Helplessly the stone descended

Without a sign of struggle.


Engulfed by the deep

The small stone quickly faded.

And was to be forgotten,

Within a matter of her time.


All day she sat

And tossed small stones.

One by one,

They sank just as the first had done.


As evening came there she still sat

On the edge of the rock, tossing stones.

So many had passed her,

Sitting on the rock,

But no one saw her plea.


Through the stones

She cried for help,

As she tossed them out to sea.

Every one, a reminder of herself,

Helpless and drowning alone.


When everyone had left,

She stood tall one last time.

No more stones were left to throw,

Only herself remained.

And she didn’t shed a tear

As she tossed herself into the blue.


Now she lies with those sunken stones,

Unable to ever be retrieved.

Come back

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I bend and twist under the weight life
Slowly reaching the breaking point of my sanity
I fall apart as my reason to live walks away
I bring my self to look as she leaves

Come back

I try to speak
But only silence dwells in my mind
I can’t bear to lose what I found

Come back

Loss is an everyday thing
The beat of my heart fades
as her silhouette disperses
She was with in reach
Yet I could not hold onto her

Come back

Crawling through the desert of despair
I cant bare the weight of life
Death circles me
Grabs at the remainder of my soul

Come back

A shimmer of hope burns over the horizon
To escape the hell of loneliness
To live the life of happiness
I begin to fight once more

The Darkness by Osiris

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The darkness surrounds me,
almost comforting me,
as I sit and get used to the emptiness that swells inside,
I begin to realize how alone I am.

the darkness is my only friend,
always there always embracing me.
I fight it but it only make me want it more,
the more I wish I could see the blacker it gets.
no thought any more fits,
the insanity of the night creeps,
and from my chest my blackness seeps.
I walk hoping this is just a tunnel,
that the further I walk itll be a funnel,
eventually leading me to the light.

I fall to my knees and pull my hair,
the endless night is not fair.
all my seams begin to tear,
and my dreams begin to blow away.

the tears build in my eyes,
a drop falls to the ground,
and flickers a bit of light.
I look up to see a sliver of hope rising,

the immaculate blue light drenches my face like water,
and the moon rises to the sky.
the brightness seems to good to be true,
the hope once lost begins to reform,
my mind an emotional storm,
begins to ease,
I begin to stand and feel the breeze,

I spread my arms wide and embrace the light,
I than realize i have not lost my sight.

The moon my savior,
Leads me to a new life,
away from all the strife,
She is the reason for my smile.

The moon my hope and reason,
My life and my path.

What I Feel

My head is pounding
My heart is aching
I don’t know why
I feel so lonely
For a while I was lost
I could not feel a thing
I tried so hard, but I could not fake
Cos I don’t fake.

It hurt so much
It does hurt bad
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I smile
Sometimes I get scared if losing you.

Is this LOVE,what I feel?

It can’t be…

I need to wake up!

This can’t be happening to me.

I hate it and I love it.
But I don’t want it.
It is too deep.
It kind of hurt in a pleasant way.
I wanna wake up.
Wake without this feelings.

Come to think of it.
you might not even feel this way about me.
Maybe It is Just a joke to you.
Maybe I took you way to seriously.

I think I will pretend it is a joke too.
We are both acting.
That way it might hurt less
and it might be easier
Well I might not feel like so tomorrow
Cos tomorrow is full of surprises.

Maybe it is okay to feel this way once a while

Maybe I am missing you so much
It can be so lonely …
So frustrating too… So much uncertainty…
Fear of what lies ahead…

Maybe I Just let things be
One day at a time.
What will be will be
I will hold on to the knowledge that for now,
What we feel is real.
Even if it fades…
I will forever cherish the fact that it was, and it was as real as can be.

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