For all you heart breakers

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You think you can play with emotion

You think we don’t deserve devotion

You think your little game is funny

Well here’s one right on the money<3



So here’s one for all the girls forced to listen!

Here’s one for all the girls forced to obey!

Here’s one for my mother, my sister, my aunt,

My friends, my cousins, my neighbors, my buds.

Please stand up now if you know what I mean.

Please stand up now, if you got away clean.


Hoping these guys will learn not to hate.

Maybe in the future we can get over it all

But until then, please don’t call.

My Reality; Take It Or Leave It

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Both a blessing and a curse,
It clouds my judgment.
The relief cannot quite mask the addiction
The rush of adrenaline as I run it through
Has captured me and shall not release!
The physical outlet to the mental confusion
I cannot feel the emotions or the anguish
I create physical pain to force me back in control
As if words weren’t quite enough, actions satiate curiosity
I have pondered the unthinkable, and I’m falling
Drastic acts are not my pain, subtle force destroys me.
Understand me, this is not a cry for help.
I only wish to be left alone so I may tell myself off.
I may want attention, but this is not the way to go about it
Do not think otherwise, for that would be an untruth.
I have mastered the art of hiding and concealing my heart.
I bathe in lies, and I do not feel clean.
While I bend and twist the truth, I am not satisfied.
For I lack the ability to confess my inner heart.
I would welcome assistance, but I shall not beg.
As I watch my life crumble around me, I will not cry out.
Watch as I give not a soul the satisfaction of seeing me weak.
My face is a solid mask of indifference and defiance
While underneath I die a little more each day.
The dull glow I notice in my palm, the sinister shine..
It misleads me! It promises freedom and release..
Again and again I test my theories but to no avail..
This wicked tool has me hooked on an ending so far away
Yet so close.. I make one move and let the red run out, and I’m free.
Just like the black streaks on my face..
My tears betray my emotion, and I dislike them.
But they will not stop flowing; where is the out?
I hold the emotions in, and they eat at me from within..
But I will stand tall until my very last whisper of breath
What ties me to reality makes me shamed as I do it anyway
The marks on my skin concealed by clothing and lies
And I will lean on not a single soul.
Watch me as I tear down your defenses with a word
As your comments fall back on you sevenfold
You cannot touch me, it is time for you to realize that!
Inside I may be hurting, but I am a soldier
And I will fight till my dying day for what I know to be!
You can stab me in the back, but I will not fail
You can tear my heart to bits, but here I stand
No matter what you throw at me, I am a soldier
And you must believe I will throw it back, with a passion!
Take it or leave it, what you see before you is who I am
And I am a soldier. I will not change.

Untrue Love

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I saw a dream through your eyes and I got lost

The power of love took over

You gave me smiles and let me be myself

I got lost in the power of love


But when I realized you were never the one I sought

I was lost in an emotional battle with myself


I did not want to hurt you

But soon I realized I was wrong


You only gave me tears

Crushed my dreams

And made me realize you would only bring me pain


With my trust that you broke, with  all the promises made by you

Never to keep never to care

Only to use and play with my heart


I realized it now

My eyes was closed

To the heartache you brought me


I did not want to hurt you but you were not as careful as I

You played with me so carelessly

Your love was never true

Therefore I know you’re not the one I seek

Little Things

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In one’s mind the biggest insults don’t mean anything

They sometimes mean everything

When you have been insulted for a playful reason or a fight

They can be the reason for someone’s depression

They can be the reason they will never see the light of day again

They can be the difference between life and death

But the ones that make the most impact are the ones never spoken by the people who we never knew could hurt us the most

An insult here or there is something most commonly heard across the world

When we stop and ponder, what comes out of each and every one of our mouths

Can be the difference between a lie and the truth that we choose to believe

When is it ever ok for someone to afflict someone else with punishment?

A simple “I hate you” hurts a thousand times to a person who has nothing left to give…nothing more to lose

All the joy is sucked from their eyes

They have nothing more to live for but broken sorrows that are fairly overused

How much more can one person take?

I’ve known so many but the one that I wish didn’t go through this is my boyfriend…

My classmates…my friends…my own family people that don’t know him at all shun him away and throw insults toward his broken heart

I can never mend him like I would like to

I can never make a difference if I can’t have your help…

Reach out to those with nothing more to give….

One more tear shed is another life not worth losing