I need to know

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Love, love, love
How many more pains?
When will it stop?
When will it end?
How much could I take?
How long is this game?
My heart just breaks
My eyes just cry
My life feels like a movie kind
How much can I love him?
How much could he break me?
How long will it take me to learn my lesson?
How far could I go?
I need to know!
Where will I stand and where will I go?

I Used to Love Her (His perspective)

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Wish there was something I could do

Wish she would understand why I broke her heart

I needed time away from the relationship

I wasn’t being good to her and she knew it too

But she refused to leave me

I loved her so much but I had been so unfair to her

I didn’t want to lose her but the stress of my life was making me suffer mentally and physically

I didn’t know how to handle everything

I had to let her go!

I had contemplated how to do this

I was broke with making this happen

She loved me and I loved her but it had to be

Time passed without her

I still had to see her at school everyday

Whenever I saw her beauty, her brilliant smile, her soft skin, her luscious lips, and her shiny curled brunette hair…

It killed me inside every day

I remember the time when we first dated

I remember those endless nights and days when I wasn’t with her

I would think about her, dream about her, wither in sorrow till I could see and hold her again

I couldn’t believe how in love someone could be!

She was my everything but

Slowly time went by

She had changed

She became something I thought she would never be

She wouldn’t leave me alone

I knew I was still crazy for her but I didn’t want to hurt her for still loving me and wanting to talk to me

I was hurt for not being able to be with her but it was all the drama she caused me

My friend knew she hurt me with all this drama and her friends

They all wanted me to pay for what I caused her

I felt like I had no way out but to become something I swore I wasn’t going to ever be

After all this time, drama, and arguments

We kept trying to work it out

She needed it to work

But it just wasn’t so

She gave up on me finally

And I still wonder if she loves me as I love her

Where is My Rescuer

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All I need someone to tell me is…

Where is my rescuer?!

Do I even have one?

Do I have someone to save me from the depression?

Will someone heal my broken heart?!

Can someone help me from my cutting?

From my depression!

From my fear!

Will someone help me erase these horrible memories?!

Is there someone to help me with these hard times?!


That’s all I want to know!

Can someone please tell me…


It is what it Is

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Dictation rules my conscious

Invincible to all other forms of justice

Injustice governs the world

Majestic wings of sorrow come undone

Eyes of an angel know no evil

The flutter of a lover’s heart ceases so sudden

Silence seeps into my ears

Motivation to kill sets into motion

Being here suppressed by my fears

Only causes more wounds to never heal

Part of me is with you but you never deserved anything

Could never be worthy

Never forgiven this broken heart of mine

My once pleasant dreams are chased away

I’m haunted by memories of you

But you still have part of me

I’ve tried so hard to let live and let die

What was never mine…

Why Did You Hurt Her?

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Why Did You Hurt Her?
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How dare you jerks hurt my sister?!

Do you even feel sorry for what you did?

Oh wait yeah you don’t know what you did…

Well let me tell you then…

You broke her heart! You made her feel used!

Heck I bet you don’t even care! you must be like “Who cares really!”

I hate you all!

I mean my sister still love you but like I can’t stop her from loving you all

Most of you have been ignoring her forever!

And me and her friends have been trying to cheer her up!

But she stays sad, and one you come on

Your like totally dead and I so want to finish you right there

But if I really did I know it would break her heart

But I really hope one day she’s gonna find a boy…

Better than all of you!

And I would laugh my head off if you begged to get her back!

Really if you wanted to date her so bad why’d you break up with her?

Why’d you ignore her most of the time?

I mean you flirted but never asked her?

Why did you flirt just to keep her interested?

Really you guys answer my question?

But the question I wonder the most is…

How dare you hurt her?