Husbands Night Out

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I thought damn,
She must be hating him
But his speech is pro-
and BAM,again she’s loving him.
I wonder why he even tries
Every word is just another bunch of lies How he says
“I’m late because of work”
As she picks up the pieces of a heart he once broke
Isn’t this a bit immature?
He must think he’s still in his prime
Gray hairs, and the bags he wears, running away from father time.
He sneaks home
She waits alone
It’s a short discussion
Wondering how he functions
She really wants answers
Her suspicions are always right
But His answers never change
–“Long parent teachers night”
Why is it always the same?
She wants to believe it
Asking herself if she should just leave it This is truly a lovers true fear
But it’s been so long
she doesn’t show tears She just blocks it, doesn’t cry
He takes it out of her,
so her eyes just run dry
And she piles up the questions in her mind But his aggression grew with time
With confidence she asks
–“where have you been”
He avoids the question by raising his voice to level ten.
“why do you hassle me!!!”
She can never really win
Their bed comforts him
And tortures her
As he falls asleep like a king
She finally shows a tear that let out
But she knows this is what it’s about
when it’s a husbands night out.

Someone New

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He has someone new

Someone that I don’t want to think about

Something so long ago

Something so real still lingers fresh in my mind

In my tears I feel deep sorrow and hatred

In my mind I refuse to accept that he’s moved on for good

In my heart I still love him

What could I do to leave it all be?

Leave it behind and restart with someone who deserves my love

Who doesn’t hurt me?

Who sees my heart broken in two?

That wants to help me push forward and tell me I’m better than he ever was

That I don’t need him

That this someone loves me forever

The one we love often don’t love us back

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Once in a while we have broken hearts,
Both man and women broken apart,

They think crying is the solution
I’ve cried so much and nothing gets solve

When we break up it’s like a part of us has died
its like we’re barely alive

We are inside a blind world for a  while
Until we come back to life
Love is lonely
No one is perfect
But we all wish for someone to love, even if it deals with getting hurt,

We still take the risk don’t we,
No matter how hard he or her breaks your heart you still want them?

I ask myself why you still want them when they break your heart into pieces? And why you still love them?
It hurts so much getting rejected but you still ask them anyway don’t you?

When you know he’s taken that he has his girlfriend don’t you still want to get in between because you love him while he’s happy with her?

Life’s like that the one we love often don’t love us back so we should just forget them and move on
even though saying it is easy doing it is the hard part
But I learned that nothing was meant to last forever.

I think you should meet her

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She walks with her head high,
She talks like a boss,
She got a body that most girls envy, and most boys wish to touch

She acts like she doesn’t care while she dies inside,
She acts like nothing ever happens because too much run her mind,

She secretly cries when nobody’s near
Takes out all her angers and fears

This girl ain’t a liar
She talks with the truth
When girls get their attitude
She knows just what to do

She’s the kind of girl that acts like a boss, plays like an angel, and yet suffers so much

She’s heart broken and doesn’t believe in love
She says loves not for her because she never has good luck

She cries for a guy that has no heart at all.
She wants to let him go, and she wants to let him know,
all she ever did was love him with her heart and all he ever did was lie.

This girl could be heartbroken but no tears you see in her eyes
Maybe all this year the tears she cried has wasted there’s none tear left to shed

This girl am talking about,
The one who can be so hurt,
And still make everyone happy,
The girl that almost gave her life for a guy with no heart,
This girl am talking about,
The girl that I don’t know who it is anymore,
That girl,
That girl,
That girl is me.

What I Should See

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Can anyone show me that real love is true?
Not just a word one will say to you.
Not just a word to make someone have pride.
Not something one feels, when they just have lied.

People try to preach to me and tell me its there.
I tell them I want to see, show me where.
They tell me I will know, when I feel it in my heart.
I say I don’t have one, it had been torn apart.

I look one in their eyes and tell them to show me.
They tell me that they feel it, that I should see.
I don’t see anything, from within my eyes.
I feel that there is no love, it is just a bunch of lies.