Forget Me Not

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Rare are those who can be
This close as you are to me
‘Cause once they become
It sadly gets undone
They start fading away one after one
Even you couldn’t stay; now that you’re gone.

Not just it’s heartbreaking
Moreover it’s breathtaking
I’m sure you’re coming back
So here’s an oath I’m making
Whatever it takes I’ll be waiting

Even though I am grieving
Even though my soul is bleeding
Ignore me
Keep my feelings behind
Just be
With no memories aside
Look ahead
You were born for success
The sky is yours to possess

I who have been waiting
For a sum years of seven
Won’t be the one failing
For another year to heaven
Don’t bother for being late
Whatever it takes I will wait

I will let go not
No one have what you’ve got
I do know not the word but
BUT if tomorrow I had not
A sun rising up on me
In the sky above the sea
I will forget you
I will let you go
Forget me not

Forget me not

Shattered Heart

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My heart is shattered again!

He was healing…He’s different from my other guy friends

He actually healed my heart…

Well some of it

Ever since I got back 3 weeks ago from my vacation

My heart broke again…

I’m sure it won’t heal this time

I miss him so much

He’s the only one that can make me smile

And he made me stop crying myself to sleep

He makes me laugh and feel better

No one else can do that!

I want to talk to him so much…

And the thing I kinda hate the most I fell for him

And he kept posting what he wants in a girl

And I have those things!

But it seems he doesn’t notice…

What’s the point when…I’m just some loner chick who everyone makes fun of

And he’s…Popular

I just want to talk to him again…

I want him to make me smile and laugh…

Make me feel better…I want him to notice me…

When the hammer hits the glass

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I won’t slither on the floor anymore
A lying serpent in a locked fate
A boy so angry he won’t utter a word
A man encased in a vessel of hate

I can’t feel when I know she’s under
The influence of all her friends and foes
She dances all night with a heart of steel:
Stole my heart and replaced it with woe

I make promises of who I’ll be
She arrives at home with a prepared excuse
Listening and glistening I nod my head
Apologies for lies? Girl, I refuse

I run quietly in total heartbreak
The shattered proclamation of a f*cked up man
Pierces my forgiveness for a uniform kill
Draw yourself a tick – for a successful plan

Every Day

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Every day that goes by, my heart just gets cold.
I felt when it quit beating, after a while it just gets old.
I keep to myself, and let everyone else be.
Nobody understands, what the world looks like to me.
I try to let it go, but it was more than people knew.
I had life in my hands, and just let it all slip through.
My world is full of broken hearts, and crushed dreams every day.
The rest of it has fallen apart, we all went separate ways.
Nobody wants to talk to me, or even just say hi.
My world has come to a stop, and the rest just goes by.
While I’m sitting still watching, all the time go away.
To everyone else it seems like, just another day.

Pain on the skin of my back

Just close your eyes

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Once upon a time I did not give a damn
But now here I am
Open arms
Come take my hand
Together we could dance
Look at the sky
Look at the stars
Take out this pain
That won’t go away
Say your prayers
Close your eyes
Make a wish and let it fly
Scream his name
And say it loud
Maybe he could feel your pain somehow
Am dancing
Am crying
Am smiling
While am dying
It’s my heart that won’t heal
It’s my eyes that have no tears
It’s this pain that kills inside
It’s ashamed he’s not here tonight
But he still needs to know
Am dancing with my broken heart
Am letting everything go
Am relaxing as I float
Thinking twice
Making it quick
I should find the missing piece
Maybe falling
But I don’t care
Am enjoying this love affair
Am falling into the cold water
Am deep deep inside
I can’t see the light
But I feel better down here
I don’t need you now
So remember somehow
Memories fade, mistakes are made, but you had lost and I had changed
Now am drowning while am writing
So today I’ll make history because tomorrow is a mystery