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Destroy my pain, and set me free

Stab my heart, and let the sorrow spill

Cleanse my soul, and let the darkness disappear

Heal my heartaches, and stitch it up, so the joy can stay

Capture the light and heal my body from

All the darkness that lingers inside of me

Capture the joy and heal my mind from

All the paining images of my past

Capture the happiness

And make me pure

Mr. Right

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Mr. Right

Sometimes I wonder if he even exists.

I’ve been hurt so many times,

There were many lies, many secrets, and too much heartbreak

My heart longs for someone to love, and for that person to love me back

It pains me to see couples holding hands and sharing passion with one another

Will that ever be me? I ask myself. Too many times I have been lied to and cheated on.

It kills me to even think that I won’t find the right one for me.

Whenever I feel as if that person was near something happens and I’m hurt once again.

Some say love makes the world go around. I know that when it comes to me it stops in midair.

Whoever thought that not having love could make you feel so empty?

I constantly gave my all and I have yet to even receive a half in return.

It hurts not to have my Mr. Right. or even someone to call my Mr. Right.

Mr. Right where are you?

Mr. Right are you there?

I just can’t seem to find you anywhere!

It’s driving me nuts.

I’m going  totally insane.

I have no idea what to say or do only b/c I can’t seem to find you

Mr. Right

A Shattered Heart

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A Shattered Heart
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Shattered dreams, my days are blue.
Nights are wonderful with thoughts of you.

Losing you is what I fear.
My heart craves you, when your not near.

My heart is broken.
The words I see can’t be spoken.

No one can change how I feel.
And sometimes I wish it wasn’t real.

I know where I can’t put the blame.
It was me who brought along this shame.

Why did we end so very bad.
And why am I so damn sad.

Ok, ok, Now I see
You and I weren’t meant to be!