Unbreakable Foe

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Fading colors, unspeakable dreams
So gray day after day, night after night
Walking in the valley of misery
When will it change, no one knows
Definitely not for me and for you

Look what we have done
Frightening darkness morns the earth
So cold, be silent, something creeps from within
heart breaking footsteps shatter every dream

Help them but help me
So young yet so old
Reaping heavens fall into hell
Surely would dry every tear

Deceive me, manipulate them
So greedy, so powerful
Hegemony of supremacy
Made its legacy

Crawl like they do, beg as we do
Suffer our pain
For one day it will be yours
My unbreakable foe

Taken For Granted

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Taken For Granted
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Before I knew I loved him
before I even cared,
before I felt so lonely,
before he wasn’t there.
I took it all for granted,
the love he had for me,
I never knew I loved him,
until he seized to be.
My one, my love, my all,
no longer exists,
I lost him, this I know,
because it’s all my fault.
I made him feel like nothing,
I made him feel like shit,
but without him Im fading,
my own grave I have digged.
With his death my soul has parted,
no more reason to exist,
this heart is oh so broken,
no more happiness no more bliss.

I see a darkened land

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I see a darkened land
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I sit in the corner
With my broken heart
All you see is a mourner
I see a world torn apart

My tear drips to the floor
And no one’s there to catch it
cannot see the point anymore
Why would they care about it

I lay on my bed
Holding my own hand
All you see is a lonely girl
I see a darkened land

I stand in the empty room
Full of empty feeling
You see a girl full of gloom
I see a darkened ceiling

I swing
Hanging from a rope
You see an empty corpse
I see a new beginning