Heart Never Mend

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I have cried so many tears
and faced so many fears
all my feelings I have burned
its the way I have learned
to cope with what Ive been through
except no-one knew
Im trying to pick myself up
but Im stuck
my heart bruised and broken
my words go unspoken
a frown comes to my face
and a tear takes place
my heart is crying in a smile
this has been happening for a while
how can I take back the pain
when nothing is quite the same
I love you with all my heart
till the very end
even though my heart will never mend


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Boys, destroy our dreams in teams,
Boys, make alot of noise,
Boys, tear our hearts apart,
Boys, cause fear when they are near
Boys, cause hurt, and are as bad as dirt
Boys, cause pain just for their own gain
Boys, play games with us which cause permanent stains
Boys, gave me all these scars, which I hide in jars,

I can never predict what a boy will do or when,
And yet I still love them.

Friend’s boyfriend

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One day I fell in love w/ the wrong guy
I couldn’t tell him cuz I was too shy
telling him could hurt me and many more
my heart was broken and very sore
even though what I felt I cherished
I had to make it all perish
I couldn’t get him outta my head
even when I went to bed
I did something really stupid the next day
I went to his house and didn’t think I threw our friendship away
you hated me for many seasons
and I gotta say you had all the reasons
even now I try to apologize
2 years have gone by
our friendship was thrown away all because of some guy

Broken Heart

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When your eyes met mine,
my heart began to shine.
When you smiled at me,
I knew it was destined for us to be.
When you gave me your heart full of love,
I threw my arms around you and gave you a hug.
When you told me we would be together,
I believed you and didn’t want to leave you ever.
One day something happened,
you broke my heart and smacked it.
You shattered my poor heart,
you lied to me just to look smart.
When you did that,
I saw you like a rat.
Months later you want me back,
too bad honey, trash I throw, I don’t take back.
I loved you,
well, I still do.
But you hurt me
and I don’t want us to ever be.
When I see you I wanna die
cuz I remember how I used to cry.
I love you,
but I know that your love isn’t true.

Only God knows when

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Walking in the aisles of a rotten paradise
Underneath the sparkling lights of crimson knights
In a place where justice merely just an illusion
Manipulated by its shadowed ideas and selfish creed
Played by one man’s greedy vision of pure insanity

Deceptive titans of the poor and the weak
Enslaving souls by unrighteous law and punishment
Master puppet of the young and innocent
heartbreaking silence covers the earth
Tell me my dear child what hell feels like?

Is it cold?

As you slept on the street without a blanket nor a bed
Does waking up in a morning just add up to your sufferings?
When you knew your homeless and nothing to eat
For parents being killed by ruthless drug lords

Is it painless?

As you sold your young body just for a piece of bread
Does morphine helps or perhaps a stronger drug will do?
When you knew you’re being sold by your own parent
For a debt never been yours

Indeed, you don’t give a damn.
For this is a world not ruled by one


When will it stop?
When will it end?
When will it mend?

Please don’t let their faith die and tears gone dry
For their hearts will be hardened in time
And killing would no longer be just a crime