Why did you

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O’ beloved, why did you have to go ?
Leaving me all alone, all by my own,
Why didn’t I recognize you?
Why did you behave so good when all you were was rude,
Why did you promise me your heart
and act so smart when all in fact you were a retard,
Why can’t you see the little pieces of my heart,
so hard to pick up those broken one’s
that you have scattered on the ground,
Why can’t you feel my pain,
tears filled my clothes with stains and hurt inside my veins?
Why did you leave me not to see a single star,
but a billion scars,
single moon but broken soon,
no hope but only tears that drop…

Crying Heart

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My tears won’t stop dropping
My heart won’t stop racing
My body won’t stop shaking
Im wondering if you care about me as you said
I just can’t stop crying.
The night so fresh, so sweet,
I did not sleep, I want the morning.
The days so noisy, so tiring,
I want the night. Nothing is as desired.
My eyes tear red from crying,
my heart was bruised strength to groan,
but this is unbelievable, you in me has not changed.
I watch the flowers fading, as it fades you and me.
No odor, nor life.
Life is short but no one knows where she will take us
it’s like the passing wind, but no one knows where it goes.
You and me is over but I have memories.
I feel your wind, but it is not rest.
My hands are cold and my withered heart.
I feel choked because you promised me to blow on me.
Im only watching the time passing
and it made me see that everything comes, everything goes.
I wish I would just close my eyes on you but my heart won’t let me.

Give up

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Im sick of guys treating me like shit
I think Im going to be happy ALONE
But Im stuck in this world I call reality
Everything has gone wrong for me
So Im giving up, on love, on happiness, and on everything
When you see me smile it won’t be real
it will seem like in the happiest person in the world,
that everything is alright,
But inside Im dying, my heart is crying, and it’s broken in million pieces…
I love, being in love, but I just don’t think that will happen again
Im not a depressed person
But I can’t hold it in anymore
Im done loving people! I give up! YOU WIN!!!

He broke her heart

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She’s fifteen years old, and experienced love,
she’s been hurt more than she can count,
and been disgraced.

She’s been teased, made fun of, and called every name,
she’s old enough to know, it’s never a game.
She fell in love with a man four years her age,
she feel so deeply, so pathetically, and he made her pay.

He took her heart and broke it,
he took her soul and shattered it,
he took her smile and bent it,
He took her laugh and made it vanish.

She no longer smiles, no longer laughs,
just sits in the corner, thinking about the past,
to when she could just sing and dance,
when she had a full heart, and a soul to match.

But now all she can do is cry and cut,
watch as her blood drops to the floor,
See her vision start to fade,
As she whispers his name.

Laying upon the floor, knife from her hand, now
lay by the door,
she lays there, for a second or more,
and remembers life when he was there,
before he left her, for another.

“Honey, I’m home!” he’d call,
and she’d run to him, laughing so hard,
“Baby, I missed you!” she’d kiss him,
and he’d return her kiss and he hugged her,
so tight, so close, always closer
than before.

Now her eyes are bright,
bright with memories,
seeing herself fight with her parents,
seeing herself fight with her lover,
seeing herself doing things she shouldn’t have,
oh she has so much to regret,
and no way to make it up.

Suddenly, her eyes go dull,
as her body begins to go cold,
her eyes are now, slowly starting to close,
as her blood runs on the floor.

On her gravestone, it read:
Here lays Elizabeth, with heart of gold,
she loved everyone, man and animal.
But to one man, her heart she gave,
and he hurt her so badly, she’s in the grave.
Let the angel who lies here, rest in peace,
Because no one deserves it more than she,
the dear.

You're with her

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And for awhile, I was convinced,
that you loved me, no body else.
Now I’m hurting, and cry,
while you’re with her, tonight.

Oh, the tears keep falling, they never stop,
and you’re with her after the moon comes up,
and as I cry, holding my pillow tight,
I know you’re with her, tonight.

So I sing this song, on my broken guitar,
as I cry, and plead, baby come back to me,
I know you won’t be back, to say sorry,
I know you won’t be mine again,
because you never cared, didn’t love me.

Our precious love story, has come to an end,
You found someone else, to replace me in your heart,
while mine is broken and cracked,
while bleeds to our love song,
gone so wrong.

Oh baby, I’m not gonna beg, I’m not gonna plead,
cause I know you don’t love me anymore,
So tonight while you hold her,
I will be lonely, in the moonlight,
singing a song, while my heart slowly dies.