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Rescue me from this sorrow that’s drowning me.

I will die by your hand but it’s not how it should be…only God decides my demise

Even he can’t stop me from dying of a broken heart.

I wish I could go back and fix everything that was ever a mistake and keep you with me.

The worst part is I can’t let you go.

I can’t move on when you’re still here, here in my mind, my heart, my soul you’re in everything I am.

I’m the only one who knows the real you the one I fell madly in love with.

That ‘shy boy’ you portrayed in front of me and let only me crack that shell to see what you held so precious inside, like a emerald gem of true self righteousness, now shatters into a thousand pieces and wounds me with permanent scars of your hate.

Look upon my sorrow and weep for my death for I shall haunt your dreams forever more.

Traces of tears arise to drown you heart in anger for your betrayal.

Take my headed warnings for I shall not be resentful when you die by my hand.

Letting Go

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It was the right thing to do.

I was getting hurt.

We may be hurt,

But it’s ok.

We will be alright.

We both cried.

I broke your heart.

It was you or me.

You abused me.

You blackmailed me.

If you want me back you have to change.

I know you didn’t know it.

You need help.

I moved on.

Please do the same.

You don’t want to let me go,

But you gotta know.

I moved on.

It’s time to let go.

Please know that I will forever love you,

And maybe one day.

We could be together again,

But for now you gotta let go.

Move on.

It’s hard!

I know.

It was hard for me to let go,

But I know it was the right thing to do.

I will be back again someday.

For now let’s go our separate ways.

Can we still be friends?

I could never let you go completely.


I am always here.

And I will forever love you.

What is left to do when he is gone

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What do you do when there’s nothing left to take?
& what should you do when your feeling’s gone away?
& what should you say when there are words left unspoken
and what could you do when your heart’s completely broken?
I need to know what’s left to do when there isn’t anything between us two. Should I walk away and never return or should I just move along?
I just don’t think it’s gonna get any better when you cry your eyes out all the time.
I don’t think it will change when it’s all figured out and he just won’t change.
Now I think it’s time to walk away when your heart is too weak to fight the pain.
And the tears are stronger than your own self now Im stuck in the moment of sorrow where I see no tomorrow.

Thank You for the HeartBreak

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Thank you for the pain, because I find out that I am not numb after all…..
Thank you for the heartbreak, because I realized that I am still capable of loving someone…
Thank you for making me feel unlovable, because I appreciate more my family and friends who make me feel that I am loved…
Thank you for the rejection, because it opened my eyes to reality…
Thank you for the hurt, because I learn to be strong…

Thank you….
Coz’ I realized my true worth…

Life Love

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He knew her years ago but he never thought she would be the one
that could heal the wounds of his broken heart
till the night he looked into her eyes
and saw such beauty that it warmed his heart and stopped the pain
and at that point he knew she was the one he has been waiting for,
but he tried for so long to win her heart
that it brought tragedy into her life the night he thought he had won her heart.
he had so much joy and happiness that he wanted to share with her
but he never got the chances
time had run out for him and the lord above had called him home
and now he will never feel the full warmth of her love.