I wish I did not

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I never noticed

I never knew

how I fell

head over heels for you

now I wish I didn’t

now I wish it stopped

because you weren’t there to catch me

when the anguish came!

you said you loved me, you always did!

you said I was a beautiful kid.

now I hate you, I hope you know..

that I no longer live, or let emotions show.

my heart I hide away

no matter what they say

because its rather broken

a new me is awoken.

thank you ever so much,

for now I am alone,

im heartbroken, I’m depressed.

and you wonder what?

im alone, I’m afraid

im suicidal.

my thoughts run dark.

do you care?

do you care to help me?

you left for so long!

and when you came back, it was LIES you told me!

is this how you repay me?

tell me.

is. this. how. you. repay. me?

I Do not Want a 3rd

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I Do not Want a 3rd
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I have had already 2 broken hearts.

Please don’t give me another.

I hope you aren’t playing with my feeling,

Like everyone else does. :(

Your my best friend.

You wouldn’t do that to me.


Or am I falling into another trap?

How can I be so clueless?

Everyone takes advantage of my confusion.

I’ve been through a lot.

And hurt so many times.

I hope you aren’t like them.

I hope your the different person I’ve always thought you were.

Please let us last awhile.

I don’t want a 3rd broken heart.

Remember I changed <\3

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Look at me now I have changed
Remember I am not the same
Say the things you wish to say
But it doesn’t matter ’cause I have gone away
Away from love, away from you,
Away from lies, that were not true
I gave you everything I had, now your wishing I will come back,
I am sorry it’s too late to say the things that weren’t said,
because I am not that girl you used to know,
the one you loved to give roses to,
the one you used to call “your all”
I am not that girl any more, who used to smile everyday,
the smile I had has faded away,
because of all the lies and games you played,
you broke my heart yes you did,
I knew you would be better without me,
I  hope your wish came true,
to break my heart in two and to make me suffer for you <\3

I Hope You Remember

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Remember the hardest day of your life,

Remember your saying everything will be alright,

Remember your warm touch and soft kiss,

Remember your saying you will never leave me,

Tell me now, do you remember?

Do you remember what happened in December?

Do you remember our last goodbye & my thinking you will always be by my side?

well let me tell you this …..

you broke my heart into pieces yet I still stand up

you made me cry for days, yet still I am alive

you tell me so many lies but still I am here tonight

you definitely changed and I know why

you thought your plans would bring me down,

but I am the one who is wearing the smile, not the frown.

Your plans did not work out and for this I thank you, for you let me free.

My life is much clearer now, and I can see I have no fears without you,

for I know that I don’t love you so and I already let you go…

You had me, you lost me.

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You try to compare me with her,
You knew that if I told you the truth,
I would have broken your heart in two,
Well you picked her instead of me,
Knowing you loved me,
So what I did I know was wrong,
But I choose him for what you did,
I made up lies to get you back,
But that didn’t bring you back,
I talked to you & spoke the truth,
You said she was better for you,
I said I loved you many times,
but my love wasn’t enough for you,
then you come today and say
“you were right all along your the one I should have picked”,
now your begging on your knees, and I said to you
“my love it’s too late to decide, You already broke my heart,
when I needed you the most, you picked her instead of me.
Now your begging on your knees for me to forgive you?”
“oh please”, that’s what love to you is all about.