Black & White

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I feel nothing any more
I everything all the time
I hate the people who crushed my very being
I love the people who destroyed my soul
I am hollow from the hole in my chest
Yet I have a heart which can be broken
The pain kills me from the inside
Yet it comforts me
I know I am lost
But I feel at home
What hurts the most is the lie that I believe
The lie that I wish was real
So I could truly feel again


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She is a warrior of her on accord.
She goes  for the kill
She has never lost a battle
Not once!

She is skillful at being manipulative.
She does not choose her war; they¬† choose her. They draw her in … Curiosity… Killed d cat. They do forget this.

She wastes no time marching on her prey;
Her charm ! So irresistible – hypnotizing if I may say
You can call her the ‘dark queen’ if you wish

She steals hearts . She breaks hearts…She quenches her thirst on their pains.
Nope ! Not what you think! she ain’t a vampire.

Guess everyone has got their bad day; a Day such as this!
Our dark queen
Out to war she went
with certainty of bringing home the spoil…

What became of our charming queen
No one can tell
Maybe be by tomorrow
She’ll come back home.

Forever Sleep

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To sleep forever and forget the pain,
that once was felt with no gain;
He tried his best to no avail,
his heart could stand no more hell;
So he ran away to be forgotten,
so that he could die alone and rotten;
For his heart was gone shattered to bits,
forever lost in the deepest pits;
If you wish to find him look into the shadows of every hole,
if only to remember what you left in his chest that is now not whole.

A black hole with a cover of a heart

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Im not a poet
Im not a writer
But my feelings are just like any others
But theres no one to hear them
Only this electronic pad that will remember my scars
Ones that cant be healed in just whichever way
Only with change, love, and the truth
Those three things have never existed fully
Only 3 years and 2 months have passed and my heart is no longer there
That empty space has been taken by pain, doubts & tears with fears
I dont think there will ever be or exist someone who will truly care
For he no longer cares whether were happy or not
And His actions have changed a lot
Hes not the same and it looks like he doesnt plan to be
My heart in 1000 pieces has fallen apart
Its just that thats something he cant see

Love Hurts by Lovee.Hurts

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Why did i choose to Love you,

why did i give you my heart

why did i put my guards down

why did i let you enter my domain

why did i let you break my heart

why did i lose control

why did you play me like a violin

or did you think i was fiddle

why did you underestimate me

why did you hurt me

Heartbroken Poems