I was once lost but you helped me back

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So let’s just say I was once lost

Didn’t know my way back

Saw no life around

Then you came along

And helped me find my way back

It took awhile

‘Cause while I was lost I lost my strength every second

But you didn’t seem to mind

You cared for me and helped me get stronger than ever!

And I really just thank you so much for helping me

We became very close friends

And I kept thinking “Will I one day say goodbye to you?”

Well we both don’t know but I think

When I get lost again you will find me

And your gonna help me get better again

Your just that person…Your a person who cares about all your friends

You listen to and tell them what to do

I don’t know what would have happened if you never found me

I think I spent enough time with you for a little

So I shall leave and one day stumble back to you

And I know when I come back you will be there waiting

And I will smile and catch up with you…

So thank you my dear friend

I was once lost but you helped me find my way back

Thank you dear friend

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Thank you my dear friend…

And your wondering…What for?

Well I thank you for being there for me

I was abandoned and you found me and helped me become strong again

I always thought you would abandon me

But you never did and who knows maybe you never will abandon me

Thank you my dear friend I was once afraid not anymore

If you leave then I will never forget you

You were there when I needed someone

Someone to care for me

Someone who would listen

Someone who understands what I’ve been through

Your just the best friend I ever found

And you’ll always be my friend

No scratch that you’ll always be my sister

You may go away but you know what

You’ll always be in my heart and

Who knows I’ll probably be in yours too


Thank you my dear friend

Broken, Retched World

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Everyday we ignore how truly broken this world is.

We tell ourselves that the world is okay, that we’ll survive.

Truth is: not only is this world not as pleasing as it all seems, but we are all a bunch of liars.

I can sit here and tell you how happy I am to be alive and well.

I can tell you that I am thankful for waking up each morning, and breathing in deep air.

But what I won’t tell you is that I am just hiding behind my smile, my laugh, my words.

Hopefully if I am optimistic enough it will shelter me from this broken world.

My own reflection will keep me safe from the negative interactions on a day to day basis.

False. Its just more lies.

We are all waiting on someone to come and save us from this retched place.


Friends Who Finally Understand

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I was lonely.

Had very few friends.

None of them understood my life.

They would either scold me,

Or walk away.

Even without a goodbye.

I met two people,

who now mean the world to me.

I am proud to call them my friends!

They understand me.

They will always be here for me.

Thank You Shasta and Krista! :D

You guys truly are great friends.

Thanks for being there for me

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Once I wished upon a shooting star,
to get a charming person,
to take good care of me,
so my wish was granted,
I was full of happiness,
my favourite person should not be told to anyone
as he’s my secret admire,
sometimes fights and scoldings are uncountable,
but there are reasons for them,
my sincerity and believes towards him are higher
than the stars in sky,
my favourite person always stays in my heart permanently,
and I will always thank him saying